Blurred Days..


I wish there was a place,

Outside this world ,

Far from the noise ..

I wish there were words,

Inside this void ,

Meaning silence in poise..


This unfinished poem sat unloved inside the dark corner of my draft folder.

There are three half -finished “heart-out ” posts I wrote for NaBloPoMo , I gave more importance to them .

Sometimes , fictions filled with words take less effort ; a poem with less words needs more contemplation. So, when I tried to finish the poem this evening, I failed.

Today was a dull day ; I had no words in my mind after the clock hit 5 o’clock, even though whole day I waited for 5 O’clock to happen!

In my life , according to my own dictionary , I call these days “blurred days” ; in future when I’ll look back to November 2013 I’ll see only my good times , days when my posts got more hits and applause ; this day , this piece of work won’t even matter.

The process of life is like the portrait photography ; glories and good times are the ornamental foreground and the dull days hide behind , blurred ,forgettable , out of focus .

Or maybe , a day like this outgrows the window dressing one creates everyday , so the focus has to shift to better things!


*** Do you have  “blurred days”? How do you stay creative on those days? Do you feel your day is incomplete if you leave your poem half-expressed?

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

15 thoughts on “Blurred Days..”

  1. Ha ha ha. I too have that. I really felt bad about not writing anything yesterday! :D..This morning , though, focus shifted. :)..Nablopomo is National Blog Posting Month , hosted by The participant bloggers are supposed to write at least one post per day; Rara has made this small but wonderful poblano team who are part of Nablopomo and celebrating each other everyday.:)

  2. That is so true , Marie. When we are still , the universe speaks .I always have something that’s going on -project, work , and I search for a still mind everyday. Thank you for writing in. 🙂

  3. I don’t search out creativity, I let it come to me. The poems the words, they appear after a day sitting in front of a window watching, when I am still the universe speaks, when I sleep the words form, when I wake I write.

  4. Hi Archita, I have a nagging mind, can’t keep anything unfinished otherwise it will not let me sleep which is sometimes very irritating. What is ‘ NaBloPoMo’ dear?

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