A life cycle…



She hears the sound of the thunder when it hurts the sky, sound of animosity when a relationship cracks, sound of helplessness when a glass falls on the hard floor before breaking into pieces.

But everything seems incoherent when she hears the persistent silence of a dream that is broken into a million of razor-edged, depressing realities. In silence,her reality becomes a dark companion of a bleeding anticipation ; life blooms again ,with a nomad heart .

She knows that a broken dream is an absconding truth, like a lullaby that sleepless nights tries to locate in darkness, to make peace with restless days. Yet she keeps wandering, searching for a magic glue to fix her melting hopes on the sharp edges of  those preserved pieces : only hope can produce refurbished dreams.


130 words for Trifecta: Week 104 .I used the weekly prompt :COMPANION [a :  one that is closely connected with something similar ,b :  one employed to live with and serve another ] .


I am linking this post with  “Five Sentence Fiction – Pieces” , I used the concept of “Pieces”  in this fiction here.


Today , we are celebrating International Label Day at Rara’s place . She invented this holiday for us, the word lovers.I am participating there with my favorite bloggers. I also got my picture clicked ( It’s really easy to stay behind the camera!) to wear a label that defines me . Visit Rara and  don’t miss the rawr!

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

14 thoughts on “A life cycle…”

  1. Thank you , Marie. 🙂 I will do a part two of this post , soon. 🙂 I figured out later that the character has something else to say too. 🙂

  2. Thank you , C.K. I’m glad that you loved it. Most of my writings are unplanned and last minute ones! I wish I had some time to practice disciplined writing! 🙂

  3. I could not link up because of my multi-tasking . I published and found the link closed within a fraction of seconds. 😦 Thank you , theinnerzone , for the support and readership. 🙂

  4. I could not link up on trifecta . 😦 The link was closed by the time I published and hopped on to their page to link. sad story of a multi-tasker! 😦

    I , then , thought of myself as a lady of twitter age and logged in to twitter ,I tweeted the link to Trifecta and they were really generous to re-tweet it .

    I loved your comment , C.C. Thank you so much. You made my day 🙂

  5. Archita, you rock 🙂 I love reading your posts. There is a quality to this one that draws me in so much that I had to read it over four times and I might just go back and do it a few more. So beautiful 🙂 And great way to link up in two places at once!

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