Catching a moment.

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I fall in love with moments , good moments . Sometimes , all I want is to use a magic wand to stop a moment so that I can own it and can view it like a crazy obsessive lover.

But I know , time is my only enemy . It hardly listens to me , it runs fast , swims faster and flies away like a quick hummingbird ,even before I can get a glimpse of what it offers .

My rivalry with time started long ago ; when I was just starting to become an observer and planning to capture time within the closed boundary of my journal. One day , my dad gifted me a Kodak camera , 2 AAA batteries and a camera film. We celebrated it with all family members by having a Sunday lunch outside and that was the first photograph I clicked , officially. Unofficially , though , I played a lot with my Mom’s old yashica .

Since then my journal became a  personal friend and increasing stack of photo albums started proving how easily one could freeze time forever. Years changed , seasons kept revisiting ,new friends replaced the old ones , I grew up becoming someone that we hardly thought of ; yet browsing through those albums made us realize what we lost and who we gained , the value of relationships , family time , mandatory weekend picnics , natural beauties , on maps those tourist spots we won (just by giving a visit) and things we did the way we wanted to do.

Still , it feels like a defeat ; still it feels like I lost capturing many fleeting moments , happy moments around me and my life , moments that vanished because I was busy doing something else.

I did not stop . I try to visit close people’s birthdays , closest friend’s anniversaries , with a camera. I still request my husband to click my picture with my newest hairstyle ;  I wait for him to take picture of almost every good food I prepare .I capture people’s change of expressions – they are astonishing and momentary like the change of season  . 

Whenever I enjoy a moment , I feel the strong urge to catch it and save only for myself. I have understood – I am not a photographer or a social-network loving photo-obsessed person ; I am a crazy moment catcher ; I love revisiting old moments in solitude and with people who make moments worth re-living.

Nowadays , using phone camera , catching a moment is easy and sharing it is easier . You can add layers to a picture , use filter to depict your mood , you can capture your 24 hours and broadcast it the way you want.

I get it.

I love it too.

Who doesn’t love easy solutions?

But, still , I miss those shop-trips to purchase films , batteries and the waiting time to see how everyone looked on the printed photograph – if everyone’s head was in harmony , if someone forgot to smile , if a friend sneezed and got captured ! I also miss those little amazed expressions about the photographer and her skill – ” You can take my picture better than anyone.” .

Sometimes , complex things make us value them more , right?

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

17 thoughts on “Catching a moment.”

  1. Documenting those pictures are important too. I love “date and time ” feature on the camera. I love to recollect where I was and what I was doing on a not so memorable day. Thank you , Rob, for the visit and your words. 🙂

  2. It feels great to hear those words from you , Pauline. 🙂 You understood it right , there ‘s love attached with every picture I click! How beautifully you understood it. Thank you:) Take care 🙂

  3. Thank you, C.K. 🙂 I miss it too. I miss that long wait to see a picture ..Who knows , maybe those cameras will come back again! 😀

  4. Thanks yet again for sharing such a wonderful picture and beautiful words to match. A smile to start my day!

  5. You take beautiful pictures, Archita! I miss using a film camera, sometimes the bad pictures turn out to be the best ones but now they mostly get deleted before you realize that that picture of everyone laughing, talking, eyes shut, and looking everywhere but the camera may be the best one years from now.

  6. I resisted giving up film for digital. I used to print out every photo and capture as many moments as possible. Now, most of them are stuck in my laptop. I am starting to organize them, so I can get printed albums made. Sometimes, I look at an old photo and wonder when it was taken and who else is in the photo. For some reason, I thought my memory would always be reliable. Now, I wish I had documented the photos better. Digital does have its advantages.

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