A lost story..



That red bus was still visible and my heart was getting heavier. I was there, seeing off two family members who traveled miles to visit us. Since I do not cry unless I’m extremely angry or happy, standing there I was feeling empty, trying to hold those temporary happy moments spent with them.

Another close family member was with me too, sobbing. It was a public place with people gazing at us. I was consoling her with a soft faith -“They will visit again soon.” And there , all of a sudden, she pointed out, “You know, I might be the only one who cries and misses people when they leave. I think my heart knows how to love people and yours…”, she paused, weeping again, without completing her words. It was a light statement; but it left me surprised. Perhaps, I was labeled as the “heart-less” one, right there,  even though I felt I had a heart, at least one that was consoling her.

Same year, I had to travel to another country for a training program. The travel was planned just within a few months after my wedding. I was very happy because I waited for the opportunity since forever. But a good friend and a few family members called me to ask if I was feeling guilty to travel alone, leaving my husband in the city. I was not. But, I was almost labeled “heart-less” once and I did not want that label again, at least not from the person I loved; so I went home and shared the story with my husband, asking him if not feeling guilty was okay! He laughed, as usual, saying – ” Love should be your strength, not your weakness.

Years passed. I moved through mountains of work assignments, swam through a small hole of sadness, made a sand castle with re-fixed career goals. Love is still my strength.  It is one label that defines me, us, and I believe, anyone in love.

It is true that for a few months, I judged my own reactions to situations; felt my emotional strength to be misconceived, if not to me but to distant friends and family. But in my world, love was not supposed to be a weakness. I was supposed be the warrior in love!

Since then it’s been one amazing journey understanding how love solves many problems and how I use some love to build emotional durability – You can cry  or you can help someone laugh!

In our life, we come across many people and their opinions. We judge others quickly and get judged too. While judging others, we always put ourselves as the better ones, the right ones, the perfect ones. I am still figuring out that subtle flavor of the word “better”, the unseen lines that create difference between right and wrong , perfect and imperfect. I definitely know that I am not perfect, I am not always right, if I work hard I can be better than who I am now; and I aim to be better.


This morning, during our regular conversations, my co-worker claimed-  “You have an amazing heart . You can win anything with that. ”  This time I was not winning. My work was in pretty bad shape and I was trying to find a little cave to hide for the day. So I smiled and wrote down on a paper, for her –  Some hearts are good mirrors , they reflect what’s inside.


Do you love using words and labels to describe yourself? If yes , what are you ? 

My favorite blogger Rara from https://rarasaur.wordpress.com has made a special holiday for label lovers : International Label Day on 21st November ; we are celebrating it at her place  . Don’t forget to visit her and join the fun.


Update : 21st November – International Label day . Please visit Rara’s post here to spread love through words.

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

22 thoughts on “A lost story..”

  1. Thank you , Suchita . 🙂 Yeah, I mean , sometimes people care for others ignoring their own inner calls. I think people who can see other people’s beauty in their actions are actually the most beautiful ones..like my friend at work ..:) Thank you for the visit and your comment. 🙂

  2. I know. Life! ( sigh!) ..:)
    Nothing can be done and undone! 😦

    I made this sweater..

    but I’ll design again. It’s fun to re-design with very little options..:) and I’ll vote for you , Rara and Grayson . 😀

  3. That’s funny (not haha funny!), my husband told me the same during a not so good event in the family! Actually he’s always telling me that lol

    I agree, everyone should mind their business and not judge other people on how they act or react to things, unless you live in a persons head no one knows how they really think or feel.

    Some labels yes, they help us grow. It’s the ones that degrade we could do without! 🙂

  4. Thank you , Rara. 🙂 Yes, when love is strength we can achieve anything ! 🙂 It was a great label to wear from that day ! 🙂

    About crying , I agree with you . It’s all about what we want to do at that moment. For me , helping someone to smile is more important . And maybe , that’s wrong! But, I do what I feel is right. 🙂

  5. If you’re heartless , then we all are born without a heart!

    You please go ahead and spread my words if you liked them , you khow how much your words mean to me! Love and Hugs:)

  6. It made me realize life is a journey and we are wanderers , smelling , feeling , touching everything that comes across! Thank you , Nadig, for the support and your words. 🙂

  7. Thank you , C.K. 🙂
    Same year , there was a not so good event in the family and I lived sleepless nights and restless days protecting everyone ! So, the husband said – “This is you! You should never be affected by others comments”.

    I believe in change and we all should change ; but I think change means upgrade not degrade! Maybe, I am wrong and I am not judging that family member at all ! Maybe ,she was right in expressing her sorrow through tears ! People have odd logic for sure. For you , I know your heart, that’s visible on every post that you write . Some people should mind their own business for sure!

    We all wear labels , but I think some labels help us to find ourselves and to grow ! “Love should be your strength” was of that kind !

  8. I’ve been “labeled” heartless for much the same reasons in the past. I don’t know why, if I don’t cry just because something is sad people assume I don’t feel anything. If I didn’t feel anything why would I be holding your hand while you cry? People have odd logic sometimes lol Lovely post Archita!

  9. swam through a small hole of sadness , made a sand castle with re-fixed career goals . Love is still my strength. It is one label that defines me , us ,and I believe , anyone in love. – Written with so much love. Wonderful post 🙂 Made me realize a lot of things , thank you! 🙂

  10. Lovely post dear Archita. I can never cry in public, am i heartless? There are many good quotes from Archita, can I borrow them?

  11. You have a heart made of gold , I already wrote that once . It’s nice to read how love is your strength . Amazing!

  12. Love should most definitely be a strength. Also, not all hearts sing in the same way– so some of us don’t cry, and some of us do, but that doesn’t mean one heart is any more vocal than the other. Beautiful writing. 🙂

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