I was writing about crooked hearts under the mask for today’s post. I come across one pretty frequently! Isn’t that a fascinating subject ? 

But, then I could not finish that post.

Ask me why?

Because I was/am  sick .

Because  I had some time to clean up my neglected Facebook .

Because I had eye pain whole day .

Because to heal one pain I invited another .

Okay, I am talking about headache .<Trust me !!! >

I read so many people’s lines, sorry statuses .

I understood nothing .

Because some people’s mind is something where even God feels lost .

Okay, that was just a generalized observation .

So I even posted this Calvin and Hobbes Picture on my status <I adore CnH> by mistake .

That was a bad decision .

Not sure if that was worse than the eavesdropping ( the game we play on other people’s timelines) after “forever”.

And then more people contacted me .

The inbox looked like never-ending.

My eye pain became worse .

Headache became more powerful than the head .

And I lost the game.

I meant the game of writing.

Because you need a real head to write stuff you care ,on your BLOG.


  Behind The Mask

I traveled places to find another me 

I found none 

Because the real me was hidden 

behind the unknown mask 

I never knew existed.


*** I hope to see a better sunrise tomorrow ***


Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

14 thoughts on “11/14/13”

  1. I FINALLY deleted my FB ; Yay! 🙂 But, I am in the process of having a FB profile for this blog . 🙂 I’ll let you once that becomes active. 🙂 Thank you, Vishal. I caught cold and allergy ; but I’m much better:)

  2. Online bullying – 3/4 people constantly , about other one in the friend list. It just broke my patience – how some people are , behind the mask! And all these people are matured , not school going kid! I have no idea what they will teach their kids! It’s a weird world there ! I’ll tell you in detail on chat!

  3. Facebook? Timeline? All very confusing. Hope your headache is gone and you have a great day!!!

  4. “Okay, I am talking about headache .” – LOL!

    Take rest and please finish this poem. 😀 This looks very good till now.

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