A Zesty Monday..kind of!


This was supposed to be a bitter Monday ; a Monday that came without a weekend break.

We spent weekends in front of our respective desktops , trying to solve bigger problems [that harm no mankind] with smaller impact  ; even though in the world of technology and software , there are days when we feel we are carrying the world on our shoulder.

Technology was supposed to make life easier . I doubt if it did.

Today , I lost my keys for approximately 10 minutes ; during that lengthy phase of 10 minutes , I wanted to “Google” my keys , for more than 10 times . Google is my God – at least it feels so when I misplace my keys , wallet , favorite pen and notebooks.

If we forget ANYthing , we google ; if we want to talk louder, we tweet ; if we want to read , we go to blogs ; for eavesdropping we log in to FB . Sometimes it feels so weird to be in a generation that grew up in the pre-historic era of generalization of technology and now will grow old with slimmer devices and thicker pot bellies!


I read about Brussels sprouts ,the first thing in the morning on my favorite blogger’s page ; then I found Daily post  discussing food ; and then I remembered my recent unhealthy diet , late nights , no gym while seeing someone’s picture of pot belly on Facebook. The universe was conspiring something ; I knew that.

I made this warm Brussels sprouts salad for a quick dinner tonight. I love Brussels sprouts more than I love any real sprouts  ; I make a lentil soup with it , I stir fry it , and I make warm salad to feel royal. Certain vegetables can make you feel special ; broccoli , Brussels sprouts and asparagus are in that category in my life !

You can go  ahead ,follow this recipe wholeheartedly ; I did ; but I customized it a little , by adding unsalted roasted sunflower seeds and fresh pomegranates.

Life is good finally [ and yummy too] !

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

5 thoughts on “A Zesty Monday..kind of!”

  1. Ha ha. I know; slicker HDTVs , slimmer phones , almost vanish-able camera , and almost obese new generation! – world is transforming..:) Indira , I prefer fish curry , rice , lentil over any food anyday , but they have to be made by mom , aunts , grand ma; otherwise everything tastes same. 😦

  2. ‘ now will grow old with slimmer devices and thicker pot bellies!’ liked that. Dear Archita can you think of any Bengali( in India ) eating salad for dinner. Well , things have changed nowadays. Enjoyed reading your post as always.

  3. I do it pretty frequently ; feel like googling for misplaced jar of pepper ,salt and other things I mentioned! I also say “LOL” , “BRB” , “ROTFL” during real conversations and at times felt like saying “Grrr” , and smiley “:)”.. :D..Weird generation !

    I love salad too , though here , it’s finally semi-winter ; I mean anything below 55 is winter this side ; so I started “warm” salad and soups already! Sun flower seeds taste no good but that’s the truth about anything healthy [sadly] ..:(

  4. I laughed about you wanting to google your keys! One of my favorite foods is salads, I never think of adding sunflower seeds though and I love them!

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