Love Song..


When no one was there

When darkness was light

When hearts came close

And a dream was bright ..


When diary was open

When words were mine

When pens we chose

To let the warmth shine..


When world was small

With you and I

When peace was personal

With hopes nearby..


That was our past

That did not last

Because life is vast

And time floats fast..


This is the present

With scattered paints

Little dents

But, love, that’s still content..


Only love matters

That’s been our song

Even when the world shatters

To us, we belong ..











Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

19 thoughts on “Love Song..”

  1. Just read this… And I just want to say that it was absolutely beautiful. Truly great.
    If you have time you should hop on over to my blog!

  2. Indira , I absolutely love your comments . They mean a lot .:) Thank you so much . It’s been quite a hectic week with daily blogging ( NaBloPoMo) , work and home :).But, I’m going to write everyday ..:D

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