Unspoken Words…



In life , there are moments and there are words ; there are words that create or destroy a perfect moment ; there are moments that create river of words in the heart .  And there are people who select the best ones out of them.

There are many people who feel those moments and words deeply but cannot express their feelings at the right time , at the right place.

Many of us are those people ! 

Many of our words in life are left unsaid , unexpressed .

Sometimes , I think , I should call the once-upon-a-time-best-friend to say “It’s okay now. It doesn’t hurt that bad to remember that you did not attend my wedding , being in the same city! “

Sometimes , I feel like calling up another friend who never returned the call he promised to return .

Sometimes , I feel like telling mom how much she means to me nowadays , and no good words would justify that well .

Sometimes , I feel like whispering to my husband that it means a lot to see him proud of my work  ; it’s an amazing feeling when the person you love is proud of you for who you are and what you do .

Sometimes , I feel like calling my dad to admit how much I want to be that little girl again who used to sit beside him ,with her big eyes open , to learn about the big world , countries and their capitals , rivers and their meetings with the oceans ! No matter how much I travel, the big world is still not small !

Sometimes , it feels like I have too many best people who call me best friend ; no words from the gratitude dictionary could fix it .

Sometimes I feel like telling the lady who comes to all our parties but never invites us to her place just because we do not drink , that “It’s okay to end the drama now” !

I feel like advising a little family member that jealousy does not end well .

But , I never could say any of them ,  until now.



There are a million of words like them in every heart ; we save them for future , we bury them inside the closed door of the past ; we worry before investing them to life.

The other day , a cousin told me about another cousin’s baby who just started talking in full sentences . Suddenly , I wanted to be a part of that fleeting life event . I went to my mail to write a long letter to the cousin, asking for a video of the baby . But after I finished , I thought twice ! Can the person take video during this busy life nowadays? Can the video be sent over mail? Is it too much to ask ?

I did not send the mail. I went to the draft folder of my e.mail only to find so many mails unsent , words not shared .

I wondered what would have happened if I sent those mails , sputtered words the way I wanted !


Words for You

The way I explained,

the way you exclaimed,

did not match with each other.

There are miles of unsaid words

I left for you .

You don’t need a reading glass ,

You just have to walk

in my shoes

to understand the depth of the feelings,

the length of each breath

and the height of the imaginations

of each word and its three dimensions!


 *** Written for daily post after a long time  ***


Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

29 thoughts on “Unspoken Words…”

  1. How true! I realized I have so much of them , unused ..I’m changing, hopefully! 🙂 Thank you for the visit . 🙂 See you often:)

  2. So much truth here. When I find those words I make the effort to express them… sometimes it’s too late, and sometimes it isn’t. Very relatable. 🙂

  3. It cannot be , I agree with you. Most of the times , most of the people keep trying to be someone else just to make the respective other half proud ! Thank you for coming over and leaving your footprints ! 🙂 See you here again soon:)

  4. “Sometimes , I feel like whispering to my husband that it means a lot to see him proud of my work ; it’s an amazing feeling when the person you love is proud of you for who you are and what you do” – one of the moments that can not be substituted with anything else in life. Thank you for your post! Enjoyed.

  5. Thank you , Itty. This is not just in response to your words , but after reading your blog for quite sometime , I know I feel the same about you . Take care , my friend. 🙂

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