Time And Materials….



Today all of a sudden I felt that in 2 months and a few days, there’ll be another new year .

Again new beginnings, new resolutions, new “To Do” lists on the refrigerator wall, new hopes.

And with that happy image of my future, a worry had to strike – Did I waste a year of my life? Did I achieve anything in 10 months of this year?


Sometimes it feels like nothing was/is/will be good. There is unpredictable time behind us and between us. Sometimes I feel, life is just nothing but a sweet dream, and that it will end as soon as I start a new day.

Sometimes it feels our time is limited – too temporary and without a prologue.

Sometimes words fill all the voids of my world. Sometimes silence brings all souls together to create noise against the world that follows time every second! As if it’s only about time that has the right to play with us [ for us or against us ].

Sometimes world is too ugly to shrink and fit within a 10 x 11 photo-frame; sometimes a beautiful flower looks so big and bright that it can rise up to wrap the Sun and call it a day!

Yes, sometimes it feels like that – mix of hope and hopelessness!

But most of the times it feels like being in love, feeling love without worrying about the hemmed border of the life that time is sewing tirelessly!


I was at Barnes and Noble to get a new book by a favorite author. Thanks to bright California Sun, everyday looks similar here. And when you’re busy, days and nights keep changing without giving you prior notice. You end up asking for more space in life to admire each season a year offers!

After seeing these beautiful planners at the store, suddenly I realized 2014 is not very far !

Too many things to do and two more months to go…..

photo 21

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

10 thoughts on “Time And Materials….”

  1. I am sure , we would have utilized those extra hours given to us too!!!! Yes, 2014 is not far..I could not believe my eyes when I found those planners! 😦

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