Embracing city life..


You know that I love nature and capture its seasonal colors. But , I love cities more than I love nature.

There are moments when I understand how deeply my city embraces me . During long walk to the favorite coffee shop , while feeling happy after meeting a long lost friend , after having one tall cup of mocha with my husband at our favorite cafe , after finding everything I need within 10 mile radius – I end up worrying if I’ll manage to live anywhere else !


I think , it’s because every city where I lived a part of my life never let me feel left out or alienated.

People , crowd , cultural harmony , different opinions , respect for everyone and everything , world cuisines – they are the flavors of cities.


I love how street lights never let the darkness enter ; how people keep walking tirelessly to their respective destinations , how life schedules itself as per the time table of subways , buses, trains.

Moreover, I think , I love people and the extravaganza of everything around them. They make my city love more pure ,every single day.


**** After a short blog hiatus , today I thought of writing about a dream about peace. And then mean words from someone not so important hit my head ; and after a long time it occurred to me – I lost a bit of peace of mind and temper.

In our family, we practice positive thinking , I print positive pictures from many negative things from the dark room of my mind ; I practice breathing and walk off  frustrations on tread mill.  But, there are days when nothing helps . So, next couple of posts will be about my rants and things I avoid writing !

*** Do you love city life? Do you prefer a dark night filled with stars to the street light lit city life? And which city do you love the most?

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

11 thoughts on “Embracing city life..”

  1. I agree with you about wilderness and reconnecting with things that still retain lifestyle of pre-skyscraper- traffic era. Your hometown is one of the most beautiful places on earth. 🙂

  2. There is a balance between “city” and “wilderness”.

    I recall that when I was returning from a business trip the Boston area, that nothing looked so beautiful as the Bay Area as the airplane came in over the valley, hills and bay on approach to SFO. This area is my “hometown”. This is where my family goes back four generations.

    Visiting a place like the Desolation Wilderness reconnects us with the earth and creation. It gives us time to enjoy how things were before asphalt, skyscrapers and traffic.

    Keeping that balance is the challenge.

  3. Same here. I wrote on another post about my change of perspective on this subject. Yes, it’s never fun and there are those priceless moments when I get angry and freak out..I guess , other times -I do not freak out, I freak in !:)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing. I agree with you ; they create precious moments. I love all three things that you mentioned , I am sure . I try to figure out is why I love city life .

  5. I know those 6 hours escape to peace experiences. Livermore is a beautiful place and extremely photogenic with beautiful wineries , peaceful downtown . SFO Pier 39 , yes, always filled with tourists and crowded. As I do not do street photography much, that’s the only picture I had of city and crowd. I agree with you about the choice of wide open space.
    But, sometimes , I love sight of people and car honks . My perspective changes as soon I live in a peaceful town for sometime. But, when I am back to city, I am back to * my love with city* again.

  6. Having grown up in the SF Bay Area, the farther away the better. Don’t take me wrong. San Francisco is a beautiful city. I think I recognize one of your pictures as Pier 39(?) and I see it is filled with tourist. But just a ways down at Fisherman’s Wharf is Boudin’s bakery which has the best sour dough bread. There are several great theaters as well as museums. Riding my bike through SF and across the Golden Gate Bridge, several times, is a great experience. But I am not a BIG city person. I love it out here in Livermore where there is still some open space and two lane roads but it to suffers from urban problems. It amazes me that to escape the influence of San Francisco one has to drive North, East or South East for at least six hours to escape. I would definitely have to choose the wide open space.

  7. I honestly love both exactly the same. I’m sorry someone’s meanness hit you, it’s never fun when it strikes your temper and sticks instead of being able to breathe it out or walk it off. 😦

  8. That’s a tough question. I love both, but if I have to choose, it has to be starlight, lightening bugs, and the soft glow of the moon across my husband’s precious face.

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