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I know what they say about Love. I have heard it all. That it can haunt and govern you. That it can poison your life and destroy all your plans . That in the end , only love will set you free. That you live your entire life only to love and be loved. Maybe that’s the case for some people and some kind of love. I truly believe in love and even all the side effects it brings. I never forgot the beauty of love , not for a single day, yet I was also convinced that sometimes , love takes all empty spaces of your heart and kills the person you once were supposed to be!

I should have known better. I should have taken those words to heart – the ones make love the most beautiful thing , say that love is the only thing we ‘re living for , that loving someone makes you more loved: Sometimes , you unlearn all that you read and observed.

I was at Ross , this afternoon. It was a sunny and windy afternoon ; though weather forecast talked about chances of rain , all I could see was white clouds floating over the blue sky.

I go to Ross for post-lunch walk , sometimes. It’s my one kind of solitude-enjoyment-time , being in the crowd. Have you tried feeling alone in a crowded store? Maybe you haven’t!

My friend told me about inexpensive but good kitchen napkins and autumn printed table-cloth she got from Ross and that was the only reason I took the afternoon walk today!


In every country , in every culture , many things are pretty similar. Like , the passive expressions of love! Like, the person I saw  , standing by his wife , at the ladies knitwear section , looking at his wristwatch impatiently , still holding a quiet smile , answering to his wife “Yes, green looks great on you.” , denying wife’s logic : ”  You never like green on me. Now, you want to escape from this shopping trip. You’re lying.” I passed a friendly smile to his wife , trying to convey with my eyes ,that green really looked great on her.

It’s almost universally acceptable truth – no matter which color you love , you want to buy only that color that your spouse /partner likes on you!

And then I saw that guy, walking around the ladies’ handbag section, examining each bag.

Of course  you can ask : what was I doing there? – Okay, I still did not enter the kitchen & dining section. I just finished my walk around the women’s clothes section and marched to women’s handbag section . No, it does not describe the order of things I love in a store. It just tries to describe the architecture of the store !

There is a reason why I looked at that guy. He was staring at my off white handbag. I stared back too. Couple of times!

I was not afraid because I had only 10 dollars in my handbag and I forgot my cards at home.


The staring and staring back session ended well as soon I walked into the kitchen section. Finally!

Hey, May I ask you something?

I heard a voice just close enough. That guy.  “ Yes, why not!” – I thought, “Better than staring !”

If you don’t mind, would you please tell me from where you got your handbag ?

Now, in my more than two decade old life , I never discussed about my handbag with unknown people!

That’s okay ! Tj Maxx. ” I replied.

Oh!Thanks. Is it expensive?

Oh boy! I had no time for chit-chat .  ” 35 bucks!”, I was not sure if that’s expensive or not! But , his voice had that kind of kindness and genuine curiosity that made me answer to his questions.

Cool! It’s beautiful. I’m searching for an off white handbag for my girl friend. Maybe something like this .This store does not have one.” He sighed,” It’s her birthday. I have time and budget constraints.

Other thing about love is – you always search for the right thing for him/her .

You can go miles to get the right bag , right wine , right black gown , right pink blanket, right laptop. Because in your mind , you know that you love the right person!

Nothing should go wrong!

That second, I just felt how we collect all materialistic beauties just to see the most wonderful smile on our love’s face!

Have you noticed that our own love story is always the most wonderful one in our little world?

My shopping at the kitchen section was the quickest thing! Within 5 minutes , napkins and autumn styled table-linen were in my basket.

At the check out section,  again I saw that guy  , holding an yellow handbag , he was asking the cashier if she could show him some good wristwatches, mentioning to her , “You know, today is the most beautiful day. It’s my girlfriend’s birthday! She’s a nice girl! I have to buy something really nice to surprise her !

I checked out , carrying a bit of happiness inside ! There are days when love spreads its wings and makes everything beautiful around us.


Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

13 thoughts on “Love and other things”

  1. These machines are weird. I hope it works properly soon so that you can gift us your magical posts. 🙂 Take care, Indira. 🙂

  2. How people try to find the right thing for his/her right man/woman! 😀
    I was not getting time to write , C.K. plus , my WP reader shows 10 days or 1 month old stories, I was liking people’s old posts! . Maybe some bug! Thank you for your words and support, C.K. 🙂

  3. That was so sweet he was trying so hard to find “just the right” thing for his girlfriend! Another lovely story, thank you Archita 🙂

  4. After a long time , I made some time to write this and read all my favorite blogger’s stories. I went to your page too to find stories. 🙂 Hope you’re doing well, Indira.:)

  5. What a lovely post Archita. You’ve written it so well I felt as if I was there. 😀 Thanks for sharing hon. 😀 *hugs*

  6. Amazing story and a beautiful build up. 🙂 You collect and carry only the beautiful things . Thank you for sharing them with us. 🙂

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