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It’s my little in-house joke – I remember we all work on certain technologies only when new iphones arrive in the market  with all its updated features and newer iOS version. Everyone I know , everyone I read/ see in real life talks about iphone features , colors , versions , marketing strategies ; even people who are nowhere close to technology tweet about cool phone colors and OS performance.

Suddenly all 9 to 5 lookalikes wake up and start comparing each other’s phones! I find it funny !  Don’t ask me why! I am the one who read all its features as soon as they published it ! Still ..

So, this week ended in that way – discussing new iOS7 and the cool colors of the new iphones ( which no one in my friend circle has purchased ; let me clear that !) It’s interesting though to observe  how the phone you loved for a year all of a sudden becomes old in front of something more beautiful and more expensive, newer version of it !

When , everyone talks about same thing everywhere , I feel like discussing something else.  Does that happen to you?

I plan to discuss about watercress , cream cheese sandwiches I made for a small family get-together a few weekends and not so many crazy days ago!


I discuss about next hike plans.

I remember those beautiful flowers I purchased last week.

I also want to write everything about our little eat out ,today ,at a traditional Gujarati restaurant which served the tastiest vegetarian meal ( and even none of the friends including myself are nowhere connected with Gujarat, we love how these little things keep us connected with the versatility of India ) .

But , after a heavy meal , right before ending the week, I read my favorite poet C.K’s soul-touching poem. Do not miss it. I love reading poems and sometimes , I just go to her page and click on the “random” button to read her beautiful words.


** How was your week? Do you ever want to stand out in a crowd by doing different things ? Do you just love to fit in ? Have you ever tasted Indian food?

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

6 thoughts on “Fridays!”

  1. A life without cell phone is a bliss.There are so many other kind of topics to explore than to compare each other phones ; some of the changes technology brought to mankind are just stupid. 🙂

    When I will start recipe blog , I will write about tasty , authentic Indian recipes. And you know right , you’ll be the first one to know when I open that blog. 🙂
    Happy is how every good food tastes to me too – from chicago stype pizza to salmon lasagna, from mashed potato to chicken curry .:)

    Your poems are always beautiful , you know that . Thank you for ending the poetry hibernation and I will wait to read more on your page.

  2. I don’t have a real cell phone, just a pay as you go cheap one for the car in case of emergency; so … I didn’t even know a new iOS came out AND I don’t even know what the OS part of that even means 😉

    I love the picture of the flowers! 🙂 And I have not had a chance to try much Indian food. There aren’t any restaurants near here that offer it. What little bit I’ve had I’ve loved, the flavor is so different but, in a very good way that makes you feel happy. Which is an odd way to describe a taste of something but, happy is how it tasted to me lol I keep wanting to find recipes to make my own but, there’s so many and they all have different directions for even the same dish so I don’t know the proper ones to use!

    Thank you, Archita, for your words about my poems, it means alot to me to know you enjoy them, especially the one written with the 3 words you supplied for the inspiration. 🙂

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