The Fun Corner..


I have a new gift in the house ; one 36 inches panda that I was gifted last weekend. 36 inches = a few feet and many inches shorter than me! And now , a corner of my house looks like this – happy !

A corner cheerfully reminds me of my not-so-long-ago childhood.

The monkey (in the middle ) is one of my nephew’s favorite. He almost wanted to run away with it and he had to compete with me really hard for its possession.

The other one ( and the oldest) is two of my nieces’ favorite thing . They hug it , take a nap on it , snuggle happily . But after that little love affair , they leave it for their aunt ,again, at that corner !

I have a huge plush toy collection at my parent’s place. Some of them were donated , some of them are still waiting for my visit ! I know I will never be too old to stop loving them.

About love , I observed two things I love in people  : when children talk wise things ; like a few children in my family actually talk about world problems and how all problems can be treated by science and technology !

And , when grown ups do not remove their childhood from life ! When talks are not always about latest phones, technology , peer pressure , weight loss , marriage , coach bags but about plush toys , pencils , new style sharpener , multi-colored backpacks , neon sneakers.

Someone asked me why I love my butterfly printed backpack so much. I had to smile  – “Why should children have all the fun?!”

No one can tell you how to live your life ! You have to explore every possible way you come across ; you should not stop until you find the best way to live your life .
And that “best” way is a myth!

But that’s a grown up’s secret!

So ,for now , live your life exactly the way you want ; because , “Nothing spoils fun like finding out it builds character”.



Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

10 thoughts on “The Fun Corner..”

  1. cute, Panda. Why should children have all the fun? Spot on, Archie! I have some old toys lying and told mom to clean them up, I gotta keep them, the few that I have. I had lotsa toys and dunno what happened to them:) lolzzzz

  2. Yay! Now , I am finding some real excitement after finding all REAL “3+ years old “s in my comment section. Get them . My mom gave away many of my old soft toys 😦
    And Thank you for coming over and sharing this .:)

  3. Wow! Those look so huggable! 🙂 🙂
    I too love soft toys and have a whole lot of them at my parent’s house. Hoping to get them sometime!

  4. Wow!. 😀 It’s lovely to discuss about teddy bears , panthers , monkeys ; makes us “3+ years ” :)..
    Yes, I have too many coach loving , MAC -absorbing and macbook die hard fans around me ; But it’s always great to know a few friendly neon sneaker loving , plush toy hugging human beings . Thank you C.K. You’re awesome 🙂

  5. Awesome! I love the panda! I have a giant bear (not a panda!) in the corner of one of my rooms too (and he has a panther and dragon friends!). 🙂 Keeping parts of your inner child thriving is a good thing!

  6. I know, I cannot manage a real panda 😦 , so this thing will work. Also , since it’s 36 inches and for ” 3+ years” , it perfectly suits me . 😀
    I clicked this picture and wanted to blog. But I was running out of time everyday. 😦

    I love Calvin and Hobbes too and I miss reading newspapers in the morning here . Btw, this is brilliant and I am going to print it ” When people can’t manage their own life then they get busy managing others life”..Lots of love and a big hug from all of us ( including the panda)

  7. Hi Archita, The first thing every morning I read in news paper is ‘ Calvin and Hobbs’. toys.that panda is so cute, I thought you have got a real panda and worried that how will you manage. I still love to play with balloons and soft toys. No one should tell others to how to live their life but when people can’t manage their own life then they get busy managing others life. Love and hugs,

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