Life , Drama and other social things..



Have you ever felt that your life has been a popular stage show and every other person wanted to rewrite your script? And maybe , you are actually not glossophobic but people think of you something like that because you choose to ignore things most of the times !

I felt something like that , that week . A very insignificant episode of life. But , insignificant things teach significant lessons.

I chose to use my vocal cord against something mean, something rude , a few words that were sharper than my new kitchen knife ! And I felt so good after my little protest!

In our house , we say – Nobody can define your life! To define someone’s life , you have to live in her /his shoes first!


I don’t feel sad by comments of people who are not close. I know this fact so much because I am an overeager peace making soul keen on observing trivial peace landmarks [ or maybe a mildest case of OCD that compels me to keep track of the flow of love and good moments in life ] .

Typically , I count insignificant things , like the high occurrence of “true love ” in any episode of How I Met Your Mother , the steps from my apartment to the nearest Tjmaxx  store ( 257 in comfortable naturalizer shoes , 20 more in heels) . Or , as it was on that Monday , warm afternoon  , exactly 67 days ago I read those rude things on my Facebook .

From the outside , say if you were a car driver watching a  frantic walker scramble to cross the street in the final seconds before the light changed, it was only a mundane, snapshot : one stranger trying to read something on her phone, while holding her red umbrella , stopping to cross the intersection , making fleeting eye contact , and exchanging rigid but not unfriendly face before moving on her way.

But , inside was a pretty opposite scene .Inside ,I was reeling , breathless as I made it onto safety of Safeway store near my house. I was extremely angry because of those humiliating written words !

Today ,I wonder why I was so startled by the online encounter when there was something that seemed utterly inevitable at that moment.


Social media , electronic mails, text messages were invented to make communication easier. But , like those medicines ads with side effects , they carry other problems in a simple life  ! For example , communication ! It’s so easy to make nasty comments on Facebook profile pictures , pass unnecessary judgments on the comment section while staying behind the mask . It’s easy to gossip about the neighbor who smiles at you every time you cross him ; you read his FB statuses , go through his pictures everyday and make him a  “dinner time ” gossip.

It’s easy to pass rude comments on twitter when someone with the heritage of a wonderful country , for the first time ,becomes Miss America in her own country .

It’s easy to hide your poor general knowledge behind the Google search engine [ Really! You do not have to know the globe at all to deserve your “globally connected” status on social networking sites , nowadays! ]

It’s easy to write bad comments about the next election , government , policies on blogs , Facebook, twitter.

And those words are unreal !

Because real life is difficult.

Real events are not so easy to make !

It’s difficult to walk with someone on her journey path and pass judgmental comments after knowing her completely.

It’s difficult to call someone  “Miss 7 11 ” if you know her history ,heritage , talent .

It’s difficult to rule a country perfectly while winning everyone’s heart .

Easy judgments were not so cheap before social networking. And , while the whole world may be on it , for now , but pretty soon , people will realize those worse side effects. So , today ,if you’re awaken , then watch your steps , ask your close ones if they are silently tormented by cyber-bullying , protest when someone gossips about their Facebook friends with you , stay away from ugly misinterpretations of poor knowledge about something on social media.

From what I see , I am sure protecting loved ones from online judgments is going to be just another social responsibility to keep this society healthy and beautiful.

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

17 thoughts on “Life , Drama and other social things..”

  1. I think this type of people should be simply ignored. or exposed publicly.Bagla kotha achhe’ chorer upore raag kore mati te bhaat khaoa jayena’. Your posts are a pleasure to read. Love and hugs.

  2. Thank you very much, Itty. I agree with every heart-felt word of yours. We have to lift each other up to help this society moving forward. Your words made my day again. Such a beautiful start of the day! 🙂

  3. Yes. We know a pretty young lady in our close circle who used to cyber stalk someone I know.She used to read every movement of her and used to make stories about her on other’s pages, do gossips , making fun etc ! I asked my friend to meet that lady in person to clarify. But, whenever we all meet in person , she is exactly opposite ,gentle and unmasked. My friend finally gave up social media. How annoying , right! Thank you very much , Indira , for reading and your encouraging words. 🙂

  4. If we didn’t value self-importance and were more uncomfortable with the arrogant ignorance that permeates the world, perhaps we would come together as a society, lifting each other up instead of spending so much energy holding them down. Your words were thoughtful and wise. I’m a fan.

  5. Brave and frank thoughts Archita, Its always better to protect your loved ones or even others if they are getting bullied by others than to regret later.

  6. Yes. I agree with you.For younger lot , the choice is mostly because of “go with the flow” thing. Almost every child from not very poor homes has a cell phone and net connection nowadays and cyber-bullying is increasing rapidly.
    Ignorance is bliss ; but if a loved one is hurt , then protesting and protecting are necessary too.Maybe, once or twice.
    Other times , it’s just focusing on what matters the most and controlling reaction . Thank you very much, Sangeeta , for coming over and sharing your thoughts.:)

  7. If someone chooses to be connected then the good and the bad both will flow and the choice is to accept what you want to. You cannot control everything around you but you can control your reaction to it.

  8. We nicely forget that the world has gone global and there is no need to be centric about issues or people. Good and bad people are every where. Some people don’t get due to lack of exposure.

  9. I know, Vishal. It’s so easy to pass judgments. Even after staying whole life , people cannot understand a country completely. You are right that those things do hurt . 🙂 Hope people treat each other more nicely and stop discrimination. 🙂

  10. You know it’s sad how people speak wo knowing a country or being there for just a week or two. I’ve seen people speak about India in that manner and it makes me furious. My pleasure, Archita:)

  11. I have always come across only good comments about India from generous people across the world .In the age of internet , it’s easy to talk nasty things while staying anonymous , I think. So, I blame internet more for that particular reason. 🙂 People with poor knowledge are everywhere! But having internet connectivity to express things from poor knowledge is something social media made easy for everyone.:) Thank you very much, Vishal, for expressing your opinions and the support here. 🙂

  12. Thank you very much , C.K. 🙂 Yes, we have to stand for our loved ones and strangers if we see online bullying . 🙂 *Hugs back* 🙂

  13. We have become people who jump the guns easily on someone before actually knowing that someone. We think we are flawless yet we nicely ignore that we should open the window of life to experience things. Yet! We enjoy the comfort of our life! I love this one, Nobody can define your life! To define someone’s life , you have to live in her /his shoes first!.
    It’s a shocker on Miss USA who is a citizen, born in her country and that too coming from a country who has elected a Black man of Kenyan origin twice as President. Better ignore the retards who cut across countries.

  14. I think, Archita that I very much like the saying you have in your house. Excellent post. And yes, protecting loved ones/friends even occasionally strangers, from online judgement/bullying is going to be just another social responsibility. *hugs*

  15. Powerful words. Never undestood you had to suffer too.
    Hope people understand the worse effects of social media and live life wisely. Peace, love and hugs.

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