Zigzag Routes..



Whenever I hear of someone else’s achievements, I do not dwell on their awards or promotions ,or even the initial shock wave or aftermath of excitement . Instead , I find myself reconstructing those final ordinary moments that lead to the greatness of achievement. Those little but lengthy ordinary moments that make up our lives. Moments that we take for granted until we lose or gain faith on them again.

I think about the thin , fragile line separating all of us from fortune , misfortune.




I can clearly envision the girl wearing a thick glass at her exam hall in the morning , remembering  the last page of her notes , contemplating how fast she will write , hopeful that answers to many questions will be in her memory , when she suddenly happens upon the question paper where every question is known to her.

Or , the devoted young husband , driving his wife to her office , cranking up ” Here Comes the Sun” on radio , informing her the umpteenth time that “Old songs had more meaningful lyrics” ,red-eyed from a late night meeting  but with a heart full of love , realizes “Today , all the signals were green.”

Or, the wise pretty lady , full of pride , out on the everyday morning walk , winking at her husband , just before leaping into the air to catch no one else could have made , remembers, without falling or twisting any ankle , that “She can jump again”, after a year long break due to couple of surgeries on her knee.

Nothing is permanent – good or bad moments , time , happiness , wealth,  struggle ,or any ingredient that makes your life worth living . A straight line does not signify life !

Bad moments disappear soon , even though the wait to a change and to achieve good moment again seem pretty long .



I was hiking on an elevated trail ,again, on this weekend  . All of a sudden , there , I started remembering myself  with my dangerously swollen knee, a year ago , at our doctor’s place  ; I remembered my painful exercise routines ; lonely days spent on sofa , reading every single blog that described good hopes , inspiration to kill anxiety , exercise tips for people recovering from the kind of surgery I underwent ; the internal conflicts that welcomed more courage in life !

Life untangles its problems sooner than we can imagine ! It surely does !

Within a year, I was at that remote pacific coastal forest , hiking again , giggling loud enough !

No matter how painful the present moment looks, it passes ! And when it passes, the good moment  , no matter , how bright it looks , is nowhere comparable to the days spent on preparations to achieve it .  At least , to me ! Moments that happen in silence , moments in which I fight my lonely battle to reach some goal – are more precious than anything I possess in life  !

  For Weekly Writing Challenge 

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

10 thoughts on “Zigzag Routes..”

  1. Beautifully deconstructed what leads to our success or misfortune in life. There are tiny steps that we take to reach success in life. The description of studying for exams and the fear of writing as well as remembering is so true. I can relate to it so easily:)

  2. My pleasure , Pauline. 🙂 Knowing someone enjoys reading it , motivates me more to find time and keep expressing. 🙂 Thank you very much.:)

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