sea 3

Holiday , to me , means spending a day, a night , a morning , an evening or many days by the sea.

I can’t be bored of sea views..different names of  them , analyzing their colors , change of colors with the time..

I can sit by a sea shore for hours , listening to the sound of waves !

I can read a book , write a note , think unthinkable-s , day dream and even cry a little ,out of happiness ! That’s the effect any sea has on me!

” You are a sea-girl then ” ,someone once told me ; I ,though , try to believe  – in another life , I was a seagull  – not the territorial ones, but the migratory ones , who fly from one sea to another , absorbing the natural beauty from every blue sea/ocean !

And you know right ,an evening shot of the sea can be a photographer’s best memory !

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39 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : Sea”

  1. These are absolutely stunning shots Archita and just like you I would also just sit there for hours and take photo’s of everything I see. What a beautiful view and I just love it! Thanks for sharing hon. 😀 *hugs*

  2. I do not have the eye for nature as you have. Maybe I do, and have not given them the chance as such. I like the travel which is with people, because in a way it tells me that I am a part of something… 🙂 Maybe.

    That apart, I guess, I will…someday…. come to appreciate the beauty that you capture so well. I hope so.

    • I love to be among people too. But, I do not love taking people’s photographs without their consent..which is why I avoid street photography like plague. You know how people travel to India and photograph working men on road and showcase “poverty of India”? :D..That’s why I choose nature as photography subject..:)..Thank you for such lovely comment , Tatsat. Made my morning. 🙂

    • Absolutely !
      I still want to be a migratory-seagull-turned-sea-girl ; hope to touch all corners of the world :)..Not so difficult goal to achieve , if we don’t stop dreaming ,right! 🙂 Thank you, for the lovely comment 🙂

      • It is! Sitting by the sea was always my way of “connecting” with everything around me. Nothing is better at getting your mind calm than meditating near running water. 🙂 Living in the mountains I now have to make due with rivers and streams, they work but not as well as the sea!

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