Moments don’t last….



photographyA few months back, we went to a lake side park to hike ; we also wanted to click sunset pictures , so we went 2 hours before the sunset time. The trail was naturally beautiful , weather was warm but windy . We hiked for an hour and then sat by the lake for another 30 minutes , without doing anything , just staring at the still water and the flying birds.

Those 1 and half hours were gone quickly and  those moments took permanent place in my nature loving heart . While hiking down , I saw many photographers , busy in setting their tripods , getting ready to click the amazing sunset without even noticing the nature around them !  I saw them at the same position even before I started the hike !

I wanted to tell them : “ It’s okay , if you miss capturing the best shot. Just live in the moment and enjoy this beautiful breeze , yellow shades on the dark blue sky ;  listen to the chirpy birds , breathe. Nature is more beautiful when you capture it with your eyes , feel it by your touch , listen to its own sound by your ears and make good memories only for yourself ! 

Moments don’t last forever !


I saw similar cases when we went to Griffith Observatory in LA. The glittery city never looked so beautiful ; but people around me were busy taking the perfect evening shots. I was wondering what memory they will have about the place and the moment after 10 years !

In central park ,New York ,  I found almost everyone with a camera , or a camera phone trying to capture themselves with the green surrounding.

In a rough , natural ocean side place , where the ocean was just the wildest , all we heard was a request from a family to take their pictures with the giant sea rock . They gave us their camera , and then the iPad,  to get similar picture in two different ways!

There are more examples! Life was better when it was simple , without phones , jungles of social networking and statuses!


photographyPhotography is a great hobby ! Nature looks very beautiful when we look at it through the lenses. But ,living in the moment , enjoying it and being a part of your memory are important too. Remember , photographs are not called memories. Its us  and what we sense through our own sensory systems – make the most beautiful memories of a place or people!

Some time back , I made a 3 course meal and some desserts for a friend who wanted to have lunch with me . I kept my other important work away and wanted to talk and listen more. During our 2 hour long meeting , my friend spent more than an hour to check her Facebook [ at the table , during lunch] and to tell me latest stories of other people – I was never interested in people’s FB statuses ! I felt bad that I re-scheduled my life for her and all she did was – checking FB on her phone ! I am not angry on her. Its just that she’s addicted to it , I observe that ! And any “not so good ” addiction takes more time to go- because realization is a very slow process!

Social networking is not bad [ and not that great too] . I have friends around the world . I haven’t met some of them in last 5 years. I could congratulate them on their wedding days and could feel happy seeing their honeymoon and baby arrival pictures , thanks to social networking sites.

But , joining a real conversation is always better! A warm “Hi” to the next door neighbor is great ! A real long distance call with an old friend is beautiful ! An effort to make one real friendship is better than spending 10 hours to check other people’s statuses !


Whatever we are doing with our hobbies that take us away  from the crowd, we must enjoy real moments when friends visit, when we visit loved ones , when we go out to nature!

Memories are not what we capture on the memory card of our camera , or what people post on social networking sites.

A good memory is born when we live in the moment .


I watched this video “I Forgot My Phone” on YouTube and it shows all those moments we miss.


– > Do you love your phone more than anything in this world?

Can you live without internet and social media for a week ? Do you love taking long hikes? 

Image Source : Facebook and Google

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

33 thoughts on “Moments don’t last….”

  1. My husband refuses to carry a cell phone. If it were up to him we wouldn’t even have a landline phone 😉 So, no calling him when he heads to the grocery store!

    I think too much connecting just becomes overkill.

    I’m glad you thought the USB comment was funny, my kids don’t 😉

  2. I am eagerly waiting for the long weekend..This time , could not plan anything because of work load..So, hiking is the only option left..:) I have to explore a few “not so difficult” trails..:)

  3. I have cell phone , to be tracked down by employer 😀 and to talk to mom, dad , brother and of corse the husband ( specially when he goes to get grocery! :D)

    Also , a few real friends call..:) exactly how you mentioned. 🙂 I am glad we are like this..:)

    Btw, spilled morning coffee seeing the USB comment..ha ha…
    Thank you , C.K 🙂

  4. I like your definition for a blog. That means I have no social media. Yah!!!

    I think I will take a hike with Maggie this afternoon.

  5. Thank you , Patrick. 🙂
    Blog is not social media , if it’s personal , then it’s more like a web journal where we are sharing thoughts and experiences with the world ; for me , in that way, I learn and un-learn many lessons of life..:)

    Anti-social? ha ha..depends on the definition of “social” then..:D..

  6. I have a cell phone for a single purpose, to get text my older two children when I need to check in on them 😉 Other than that I never use it lol I had an awesome cell phone once, I could get on FB, text, email, call people, everything. I discontinued it after 6 months because it drove me insane 😉 I don’t spend a lot of time on social media, I never really did except to talk to my friends that are too far away to visit 🙂

    I’m going to make my kids read your post 🙂 I always tell them if they keep staring at screens their children will evolve and be born with USBs where their eyes should be 😉

  7. No. I just checked it and it has been on silent, not even vibrate, for three days. Actually this was the first time I looked at my phone all day. Maybe I should change it? Nah…life is good!

    Yes. My blog is my only social media. I guess that makes me anti-social. 😉

    Yes! My favorite thing to do!

    Great post.

  8. Ahh… Its a sad reality. But allow me to put this on record. I don’t know how but give the country some time. Rather give the youth ( the one that cares ) time. 10 years hence, you can walk into any theatre , and have fun 🙂 A lot of people are putting in their heart and soul for this dream…

    I agree with the advertising bit. Initially I was hyper active there as well. But I guess it was just a phase. But blogging is something that has been around for like 7 years, and still has my attention. Wonder why…

  9. You are so right, Arch! 🙂 Btw, when in Chennai, I cannot think of anything beyond Saravana Bhavan and Pothy’s @ T Nagar. 😛 :D..I am that crazy fan of both of them.:)

    Once, one senior lady friend told me ” In life, never tell anyone you love cooking and you love photography. You’ll have to suffer if you say !” Ha ha..I think , I talk about both and end up being photographer ..:)

    Next time , you may enjoy the party without clicking pictures and make good memories. 🙂 Thank you so much for the visit and comment. 🙂

  10. I know..And going back to stone age is not possible. But technology should be used to modify lifestyle and simplify complexities…Just because it makes communication easy , that does not mean it makes “good ” communications!,Some social skills will always be treated nicely and no technology can take them over!..

    Good, you are out of social network . I came out of it , totally, last year..wisest decision I call i. 🙂
    And I love basic phones! I love single functional devices! 🙂

  11. I think I agree with you. 🙂 I have seen weird withdrawal symptoms in people who deactivate FB for some time..:)

    But, FB is a great tool for advertising for sure..:) free advertising and it helps..:)

    Self dates + movies are great. I cannot think of going to movies alone in India..but in USA, I watched an awesome Hindi movie alone – OMG : Oh MY God- one of the best movies Bollywood gifted in this decade.:)

  12. I don’t even remember how days were without cell phone. I had to ask my mom for that .:(
    When I chose to be cell phone-less for some time , they were the best days of my life..:D

  13. Ha ha.. Please do that. I will follow your suggestion too! 🙂 Only that way, we can “help” every phone-maniac friend. 🙂
    I find it kind of rude when I am with a friend and she checks phone!..I have also been asked to click a friend’s picture after her hair cut..for FB profile updates..:D

  14. I have a friend who when we go out will spend a lot of the time with his face in his phone texting his girlfriend etc. I just say to him “turn the phone off”. I tell him he is rude etc and even once said if you carry on doing that I’ll just walk out, leave you here and go home, and Ill do it too.

    I don’t mind if people just quickly check their phone, but dont spend 30 minutes engrossed in it whilst I am sitting there looking like a chump. I actually want him to do it again another time so I can leave and have him call me and ask where I am.

  15. So well said Archita, good memory when we live in the moment. True that, life was much better when there were no gadgets in life..we were living life. Brilliant picture and u have such an aesthetic sense for life beautiful things:)

  16. Well… I might be going overboard, but I do believe that too much of SN sites is a symptom. Of emptiness, of a void, of a loss of purpose. Smart people use it as a tool, while not-so-smart become tools themselves 😀

    I guess you have a life worth knowing about Archita. In the process, maybe…maybe I will learn something about having quality time for myself.

    I have been going for self-dates+movies for quite some time now. And its an awesome experience 🙂

  17. Living without technology has really become impossible now-a-days,Starting from we wake up n the morning till we again get back to our bed our everything is filled with technology..We are doomed by technology now-a-days,we remain social over the INternet but never know the name of our next-door neighbour that’s what technology has done..

    To answer your last question–I am out of Social Network way back since 2008,I don’t use my phone that much and it is just a basic phone..

  18. Truly great post! I totally agree..
    Prior to my wedding, I had gone to visit my friends in Chennai to invite them to the wedding. I forgot the camera and had the best time with them!! In our craze to capture the stuff, we forget to enjoy the moment. We are surrounded by such people. My sis too, assigns me the photographer for all the functions at her place, for instance the nephew’s b’day last week. I end up just clicking and not enjoying a bit. 😦
    As for the phone. I really wish I could just get rid of it. There was a time when I loved talking to friends for hours together, now I detest long calls!
    I hope more people begin to think this way and then we would all be much happier. 🙂

  19. Aww! Thank you very much, Indira.

    I did not want to preach , just because I don’t write statuses. My younger brother was wise enough to tell me these things two years ago , and his opinions made so much sense to me that I found fault in my own life style! Nowadays ,I have time to do so many things! 🙂

    I love photography , but I do not carry camera all the time. I know , no matter how much we spend on good lenses, eyes click the best shots! And this is coming from a girl who loves her camera and photography since she was 10 year old.

    I try to think about those days when there was no cell phone! I also saw people talking loudly in a gorgeous place, sea beach , snow wrapped valleys. I saw girls taking photograph of newly styled hair for FB profile picture , buying new clothes to update pictures and even during get together , in stead of talking they click pictures for FB! Whole living is dependent on “statuses” on FB!

    I don’t know when it will end or where it will end! Living in the moment is the best way to capture memories! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by.:)

  20. Hi Archita, this is the best piece of writing I have read today. Very well written. That’s what I have observed on my daily walk on sea beach, people are busy talking on phone oblivious to the beautiful surroundings. Key phrase is to live in the moment. People have their priorities perhaps.

  21. I was phone-less for sometime and I had great “me-time”..too much connectivity is less productive!
    I can spend more time in library , window shopping 😛 , cooking , watching favorite TV shows and focusing on the thinking part! Also, I talk to all good friends , every week- that’s like a regular ritual ! I see social networking addict people and they have many symptoms that any other kind of addict people have . It’s scary, right? 🙂
    I cut out myself from internet etc when I travel. 🙂

  22. I had thrown away my phone once, in a fit of rage. Parents came around with a new one the very next week 😀

    This is a very sensible post Archita, I admit. And you have written it even better. I guess in the generation obsessed with 4Gs and …whatever, it is always about getting clicked and ‘sharing’. I was doing a lot of that some time back as well. But things changed 🙂

    One of the friends went to The Louvre and when we asked how Monalisa looks like, he said he has got a picture 😛

    And yes, I can live without phone but not without internet. Wikipedia-addict 😦 Need answers the moment something pops up into my mind. What about you?

  23. I am out of social networking circuit for a year , and it’s the wisest decision I took in life! Most FB statuses are stupid , as per my perspective – They’re like those TV series where characters talk what they think- everything that’s in the mind is on the mouth!..

    I know many good people who do social service , engage in arts & crafts after work , write , focus on family and live “status-free ” healthy life. 🙂

    I feel sad too seeing how they’re missing precious present moment .. Same with tourist spot – Ditto what you said ! Travel to me is being at those places..We all can see photographs on Nat Geo , read about places on books, right!..:)

    I did not want to preach, you know.:) But I just wanted to write what I felt right.:) Thank you for stopping by, Pauline. 🙂

  24. As always, you have – as we say here – ‘hit the nail right on the head!’ I always feel so sad when I notice all these folk missing their precious present moments to ‘update their statuses’; I also notice the many tourists who take endless photos of themselves and their tour-mates instead of stopping and standing and looking and smelling and sensing …. I am always ecstatic when someone ‘gets it’ and chooses to stop texting, photographing or up-dating and just be.

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