Do you have those days when you have lots to talk but once you try to open up your heart , your heart sinks ? Okay..that sounds melodramatic! But , actually , I am having those days..I have lots to write – 4 unfinished drafts are waiting for editing [ or to go to trash !] and still my thoughts are not yet ready to sync with keyboard!

Sometimes, the words you have within make so much sense that they do not want to come out in public. They stay in your heart and have deep conversations with the self ! Trust me , in the memory ,the best conversations I have  , are the ones that I do with myself.

“Tea is the best drink in this world.” And my heart agrees.

“Emily Giffin is a great story teller.”  My heart agrees and then there goes the long conversation about the book I read ” Love the one you’re with” to “Something borrowed “.

“Pizza should be declared the best food in the world. ” And my heart disagrees after a hard worked gym session. The battle to win over the heart continues.

“I ‘ll be a globetrotter at the age of 65. ” My heart whispers – ” Not now?why?”

“One day , there won’t be anything called patriarchy .” And my heart nods , hugging my thoughts , daydreaming of something that will never happen!

etcetera , etcetera. 

I know , I have this little, long-running friendship with myself that mentioned in one of the posts in past.

Let me be more specific. You are very truthful when you are talking to yourself. There is hardly any time  for drama , misunderstanding , lies. You do not have to save proofs to prove yourself too  ! You know , sometimes, only you can see your real image ; the world is so full with itself that it hardly notices you and your real power , until you prove it!  So , by talking to yourself more , you can find many different ways to make a “better you”.




I found two ways to comfort myself by conversations , during the stressful hours:

1.By stating the truth :

I feel much stronger , mentally and emotionally, when I mention to myself – “I am aware” and ” This is what I want from now.” If you’re truthful to yourself by that little conversation, nothing really affects much!

2. Having high regard for self :

I read a lot , plan a lot about things in the future. It helps me to stay confident. I have this faith about myself that once I know or feel confident about something, nothing can stop me from achieving my goal. It always helped!



Found this on Google Image and could not stop the laughter!

There are only a few people with whom I can have healthy and happy conversations. One of them is my 8 year old niece , the all rounder and the strongest girl I know in my world. Talking to her , is ,many times , like talking to myself.  We share many things [except blood relations ] – a straight forward mind ,our eternal love for fish , favorite songs etc . She joined us for dinner on Thursday and we heard all funny stories from her- about feminism , patriarchy and films. At times , she makes so sense that I wonder why elders do not go to her to learn about life!

In our family , whenever we are not doing anything , we are talking about films. This is the most popular conversation topic in my 100 member family. I find it amusing , since talking about films is far better than gossiping ! I would have loved talking about books – fictions and poetry, more too ; but I hardly get to meet book lovers in real life . So the stories in motion [ movies] are better options !

——————– Do you talk to yourself more often ? What do you love talking more about ,in real life ? What is your happiest family conversation topic? Do you think that children of this generation are wiser than us?


Update : Yesterday, I loved this post about feminism by one of my most favorite bloggers . Do not miss it.

Image Source : All images used in this post are from Google.

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

26 thoughts on “Conversations…”

  1. Sometimes, people judge all the dimensions of others a bit too much, in life. That’s why writers create their own world and show their reflections in a way they always wanted to.That’s the dimension they love about themselves the most. Keep up the good work on your blog, Steve.:)

  2. Yeah this is MY place to say what I cannot say to friends or family, partly because the way they see me as a person is not the person who would say the things I sometimes want to say and partly (I’ll admit) due to embarrassment on my side. If you were to ask my friends to describe me as a person and then someone who knew me well from my blog you would not recognise the same person.

  3. OMG..I lost so many good photographs after my laptop died all of a sudden , one day. 😦 Hope your laptop feels better soon and you recover every hard work you put in it.:)

  4. Ya ..some thoughts love staying inside our heart, right? I am sure you’ll be able to express all your thoughts into the novel you’re writing. 🙂 Keep up the good work.:)

  5. Steve , your first paragraph is hilarious. 🙂 But, I understand . I underestimate my real power too and I do not see that “Lion” on mirror [ Like that picture]. 🙂 .

    I talk a lot , so, I never can be in any extreme state [ happy or sad] of mind for longer period. 🙂 I can never have deep conversations with my friends. . 🙂 Most of my friends in real world are very fun loving people and thanks to them laughter is not an issue.:) We need them too, right? All deeper conversations are left for the journal I write ,everyday for last many years.:)

    I like reading your fabulous blog. I think it’s the place where you put your deeper thoughts. 🙂

  6. I tend to state the truth to myself fairly often, especially when I see myself in the mirror, the talk to myself is mainly derogatory because that is the truth how I see it and so it cannot be any other way.

    Apparently I am not very talkative to my family, although apparently I am very talkative with my friends, there (I am told) the conversation is generally about women and booze. Shallow? Probably. Although I don’t think that the conversation is all about that.

    I do try and open up sometimes, to go deeper but I sense either resistance from my friends to go that route, or it doesn’t really get to a level that I want it to, difficult to explain really.

  7. Love talking to myself. It all started in childhood since I hardly had any friends and so made myself the best friend. I also face the situation when I wanna talk but blurt out some incomprehensible words:)

  8. Hmm, it hasn’t taken me to a poem I haven’t read or liked yet! I’ll have to keep clicking!

    The best part of this time travel is we can’t mess up the future 😉

  9. Ya, she liked a poem yesterday on my blog that no one read! And I even forgot about it too. Random button is really good kinda time travel.ha ha ha 😀

  10. With how we’re reacting to a random post generator button I think we traveled back already or maybe never completely left 😉 Rara would be proud of us with our new toy haha 🙂

  11. Yay,*High Five*. We will time travel back to childhood, some day, pretty soon. 🙂 LOL..:D
    You are so right about writing without trying – that’s how I write poems. 😦
    Now , going to your blog to check random button. 🙂

  12. I keep forgetting to mention, your “may have been freshly pressed but wouldn’t know” button cracks me up everytime I read your posts!

  13. I wanted to grow up fast too, and some days I’d give anything to be a kid again. Mostly on laundry days 😉 I love talking to kids, they always have brilliant ideas for fixing the world.

    You’ll get what you think and what you want to write matched up soon. You always write good things for your blog by the way! Sometimes just writing without trying works, sometimes it helps center my thoughts, gets the excess out, so I can write a post. 🙂

    I put the random button on a few hours ago! I love yours! I clicked through a few of your older posts earlier 🙂

  14. Hello Indira, I am so glad to read your amazing words. 🙂 Thank you. 🙂
    Yes, I have seen mom dad having conversations with a cup of tea in early morning – that’s why, I loved it and added here. 🙂
    Yes, children of this generation are pretty wiser, they are making applications, solving harder problems so nicely that many of my friends cannot even imagine, still.:) Thank you , once again.:)

  15. Hi Archita, I always relate to your posts. That cartoon is just what we do in the morning with a cup of tea. Our mind never stops always talks continuously trying to teach you what is best for you. I think children of your generation are wiser than are definitely wiser than me, they may have different values but are focused and hard working. Loved your well written write up.

  16. No, its a random picture from Google ; someone just blended two different pictures into one. 🙂
    No one is mentoring her..LOL! She is an intelligent kid. :)..
    Things that I want to write will be in the blog, hopefully , in near future.:). For now, pictures fill up the space! 🙂
    Having conversations with the self is a form of journal writing! – good for people with aspiration and goals! 😉
    ‘Thank you for stopping by and sharing from your life. Got the idea about your life and sarcasm. 🙂

  17. That’s a very creative picture! Is that your 8yr old niece?
    Can’t imagine how long your post would be if you thoughts sync with key board!!
    You already globe-tracked half way around, just extend to that idea, you could do even more.
    Just found out that, apart from software professional & blogger on insanity we have one more thing in common, Tea lovers!
    Most of my wife’s patients are the ones who talks to themselves and they are brought (tricked in) to her work place called psychiatry ward.
    Your comfort inducing, stress relieving self-conversation tips can actually work well any time of the day.
    8years old talked into feminism, who’s mentoring her, her favorite aunt?
    Oh well, now I know when you have a lot to say & your heart is letting out in pieces, how it feels! That’s for this positive enlightenment 🙂
    And now answers to your quiz.
    I must say I am a good listener now. (After I got married)
    May sound silly, but I like talking silly things in life mainly in form of plain & simple humor with kids, satire or sarcasm with co-workers, crude jokes with old pals, and using double entendre with my wife (leaves a window to escape)
    Don’t know about other kids but my younger one (4 yrs) out smarts both of us.

  18. C.K , I agree with you. Children see the truth and state the fact without the fear of getting judged. 🙂 My niece is my husband’s sister’s daughter . Since I feel her mother is just like my own sister ;maybe , that’s how we have a strong bond. 🙂
    I am sure you have many such amazing stories with your daughter .:) How true..they both can solve all world problems . 🙂 I always wanted to grow up fast ;after growing up, now I miss childhood 😀 LOL!

    About writing – since Thursday, I promised to write good things for the blog. I have things in draft half-done. What I think and what I want to write here , are not matching up with each other. So the battle continues. :D..
    Have you put the “random” button on your blog? I visited your blog ,last night, to check old posts. 🙂

  19. We should put your 8 year old niece together with my 9 year old daughter, I bet they could solve all the world problems in a single play sessions. I think children — overall, not just this generation — see the truth of things clearer.

    I talk to myself all the time, and I agree we tend to be the most honest when talking to ourselves. 🙂 And I understood what you meant in the beginning of the post about having a lot to talk about but then your heart sinking and the words wanting to stay where they’re at, I’ve been fighting that all day lol

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