A lost poem..


Often you speak a lot
Often I hear
Life brews fresh & hot
A drop of happy tear..

Often your eyes say it
Often I stare
Our eyes talk a bit
that ears don’t hear..

Often you babble too much
Often I wear
Nothing precious as such
But the bond that we share..

Often you tell me things
Often I care
Our life often brings
A classy love affair..


We all love nostalgia . But, I just felt I can be nostalgic about my own blog posts too! I wrote this poem in February here . No one liked it. And I forgot its existence until I found a “Like” and a kind comment, yesterday.  But ,I remember all popular posts in that month. Irony! How we remember only the good things ! 🙂

I could have re-blogged this. But I thought of re-posting . I also could have changed a few words in the poem. But, I do not want to.

I have a very beautiful memory associated with this poem. It was written on one of those evenings when I was sitting on my couch, sipping tea and reading random things and my husband was cooking a wonderful meal. I searched a new recipe from the internet and he was following it. We were even planning about opening a recipe blog named – ” We love cooking ” ! Some day, when we’ll have enough time , we’ll definitely open a recipe blog together! Though ,I want to change the name to – “The Foodie Couple Cooks” !

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

16 thoughts on “A lost poem..”

  1. I know. 😀 I haven’t seen her on Food Network though, it seems she has a show there. But on her blog, she definitely makes the recipe reading a happy experience.:)
    Ha ha , I will surely share some of the recipes on this blog. I mean, really, we have to take care of our health, first , no? I am scared of butter more than anything in this world , I think..and that fear is a funny topic in our family ..:) My brother will be so happy to read your comment. He is a good cook in our feminist family. 😀

    Judge on cooking skill – I do not know why ,C.K :(..I would prefer to be known as a not so bad painter, blogger , singer , dancer or maybe any tag line I rocked in corporate world..but people see what they want to see..:I come across many people in our culture who remember me or any woman as “She cooks good”- which I do not like..:( I have a mental block against that tagline, I think..:D

  2. I looked at the pioneer woman site, using recipes written out like that would make cooking much more fun! Why would anyone judge you on your cooking skill?

    My family has all the nonskinny, butter-filled food recipes, which I can’t eat lol So your recipes would probably work out a lot better for me! You’re brother can have my families recipes 😉

  3. Thank you. 🙂 I am learning it too. Still, the taste of the food depends on how well the recipe was written on the internet…Lol..:) Know what, this is a never ending learning as my grand ma still watches cooking shows and notes down tips..:)

  4. That would be great…I am still learning to cook so that’s always a interesting thing when I attempt it, but I love reading about people that can do it! LOL

  5. Surely. I will name it ”The Foodie Couple Cooks” and put our healthy inventions in the kitchen:) Thank you for stopping by.:)

  6. Thank you, C.K. I learned cooking only a few years ago. I meet many people who judge me based on my cooking skill. 😦
    If I open a recipe blog, I’ll share with you , first. 🙂 But , it will have all those skinny , butter-less recipes [ which is really not good cooking as per my brother :D]..I read thepioneerwoman.com sometimes if I miss good food in my own kitchen:(

  7. Gorgeous poem and picture thank you for sharing.

    As for the idea of the cooking blog…definitely go with”The Foodie Couple Cooks” sounds like it would be hilarious and fun!

  8. It’s a beautiful poem! 🙂 I’m not the greatest cook but I still love recipes, I would most definitely read a recipe blog if you started one!

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