It’s amazing to understand how words play an important role in our world. Some words cause heart-ache , permanent scars deep inside ; some words cure us sooner than anything available in the medical stores.

I love words.

Human beings are multi-dimensional . But I fall in love with people because of their words.  I judge them by their choice of words ! I think that dimension attracts me more than looks , clothes ,education or money!  I even fell for the guy who wrote beautiful poems for me, used kind words for everyone I knew. My judgment was not wrong ; I am happily married to him and still fall for his words every now and then .


Yesterday , my  journal was about the words. It was a weird day- kind of days that do not happen frequently, but when they happen they leave their mark.

I woke up pretty late and had to run around to fix things that late-rising often gifts me!

Within half an hour , I found myself with a cup of tea and breakfast in front of our favorite morning TV show in which Oprah was the guest . The entire discussion was about her recent safari and certain human emotions that I fail to understand. My husband and I changed the channel soon and I realized – It’s the best moment when both of us look at the same thing and do not see anything different! – when our words echo !

Then , before starting the day, I read Rara’s post and wondered why bad things happen only to good people ! I know , in my life, I have more questions than answers. But, this is one un-answered question I get pretty frequently in my mind.

I thanked Rara for her words of wisdom .I also thought of sending a note to her postal address, pretty soon.

In the afternoon, I found a mail from one of my once-upon-a-time-closest-friends . I mentioned about him and his certain words that broke my faith in friendship in a post. There was a bad event in his life and he wrote that to me , yesterday . Even though my name was in BCC, I felt the kind of friendship and helplessness people feel seeing a sad friend . I sent a reply to him within a minute ; knowing he is in Europe right now, I still wanted to know if I could call him and help! I wanted to see him back in USA!

I did not talk to him in last 6 months even though he was sweet enough to send an apology bouquet and to call many times. My husband was trying to re-build my faith in friendship , all this while. I was so hurt that I did not care to look back .

But after reading his mail, in a crazy mid-afternoon, I could not even remember the past 6 months , anymore! Nothing matters when my friend’s words want to reach my ears. That’s friendship to me , when we stand for each other to hear and share!

I thanked myself for I could let a few things go and forgive. It was easier than I imagined.I could not be like some people who were always there during my good time and vanished during my bad time.

I thanked him because he thought of writing to me during the best and worst times of his life , in last 6 months.

I thanked life for not changing my friend’s faith in our lost friendship.

In the late evening , during a discussion on a social reform , I found myself talking non-stop about the subject for 2 hours! When I ended , I found that my husband silently recorded everything I spoke . He was mesmerized by my words on the topic – that’s what he expressed to me!

I thanked God for changing the best friend of my life to my life partner.

images (1)

In the end, when I was closing the day, I finally wrote about bringing three changes in me :

1. I am born with a very sharp memory. I wish I can change that! I wish I can use a filter to drain out all bad memories to create a big void ! I started working on it and hopefully , one day, I can be better than who I am now.

2. I am the worst forgiving person I know. I wish I can forgive people easily and can hug with love even those people who wish me the worst  and use wrong words for me at the wrong time !

3. I wish I can always choose good words for people I come across in life. I wish my words work like wonders –  healing scars and fixing broken hearts.



Image Source : All three images used in the post are taken from Facebook. Actual owner was not found.

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

31 thoughts on “Words!”

  1. You won’t be able to get rid of me now!!! I’ll be that constant friend showing up at your door!! LOL

  2. Thank you so much. Somehow this thought occurred to me that you love words just like I do. So , I searched and found the post for you. I am so glad that you enjoyed. This is the magic of internet ,makes the world closer- my kitchen table and your kitchen table makes neighborly friendship during breakfast. Sometimes I wonder if it’s magic ! I will see you here often and will visit your place too. 🙂

  3. A fantastic post, thanks for pointing me to it. Your enthusiasm for words shouts from the page as does your heartache at times. Words are universal, they can transcend oceans and borders. Your words landed on my kitchen table just now, a small wooden table in a small home in Ireland! Thank you!

  4. I liked your:
    “…Human beings are multi-dimensional .
    But I fall in love with people because of their words.
    I judge them by their choice of words !
    I think that dimension attracts me more than looks ,
    clothes ,education or money! “

  5. OMG Archita you are making me blush. Do I underestimate myself? Thanks a lot for encouraging me so much. I love your writing and would love to write like you. I read so many blogger’s post , how well everyone writes.

  6. You can , Indira. Before the guest post, I actually read many old posts of yours to create my favorite post list..You have written so many beautiful things.:)

    I know , time is an issue. In fact, today and tomorrow , I plan to write, more. I neglected writing for a month, now.
    Please write when you have time. 🙂 Do you know that you write like Leela Majumdar or even better? 🙂 Take care:)

  7. Two/three lines poems or haiku are enough for me Archita dear. Even for that I have to work too hard. I really can;t write stories, it was a challenge from Soma so I wrote that. Now for you I have to think.

  8. You are not. 🙂 I cannot underestimate your powerful words. Each post on your blog is so beautiful. Btw, Indira, I really want to read more ghost stories on your blog .:) It’s been quite some time without them.:)

  9. Ahem Ahem…The best words come from the heart spontaneously when logic does not have time to interfere. This post was just that !! I believe in words but more so in the tone or “bhaav” which comes along with it that actually makes or breaks !! Keep writing, sometimes its nice to read someones words reflecting yours 🙂

  10. Dear C.K,

    As I wrote to you, the other day, I heal through photography and sharing thoughts. 🙂 It’s a long journey and I learn from you how to express more beautifully.:) When you write – “This is a beautiful post, Archita”..my heart says – “Hurrah!” out of excitement of some creative achievement. 🙂
    I try to love and try to stay unpolluted even though that’s a complex process.
    Sometimes , when a word hurts me , I feel like hurting back too by using wrong words. It’s easy and honestly, it cleanses the soul- that’s how people feel at the moment of anger, sadness and depression. But, I never could be like that. There’s lots of anger , sadness in layers of my life too. I wish I could use wrong words too. But I do not want to become like those people who hurt everyone to prove their “best-ness” , ego and god knows what!

    My world is surely a better place having a caring person like you. Big hug on your way. 🙂

  11. This is a beautiful post, Archita. I’m going to repeat Rara here and say you have a loving heart and it shines through on all your posts and in your comments. The world is a better, more beautiful place for having someone like you in it.

  12. Dear Rara , I learned “How to be honest on my own blog” from you.
    I am reading your blog from last 5 months ( since the *kumare * post , I think) and I learned many things.My most favorite post was the post you wrote about atheism and faith [until day before yesterday].
    Day before yesterday, whole day, I kept thinking about you, after reading that post .I never thought you had to go through something like that.

    When I wrote this post , I wanted to connect people to that post, but I thought – first , they should know you from your amazing blog. So I linked up your blog url. I have pretty less followers . But I wanted more people to know you if they do not know you and your wonderful blog already 🙂
    *change the world * – tried many things , did , and still will try . 🙂

    Yes, you will get a mail from me , pretty soon. You cant be the only one sending love across the world . You deserve love too. 🙂 * hugs*

  13. Arch, Thank you for these beautiful words. 🙂 Whenever I read your posts/comments, I feel like I am observing a beautiful heart expressing beautiful thoughts. 🙂 *The little voice has a wonderful heart .* 🙂
    Thank you for your wishes. Some day, I may become a completely *changed* person, but I want to enjoy the journey to that change. 🙂

  14. Hiii Sangeeta , Thank you. 🙂 I wrote in hurry ( as usual) and then in the evening , I felt this post looks a bit “self-promoting ” kind – “see , how good I am ” type , you know!..But, I wanted to write how words play an important role. 😀 There was no option of “un-publishing” too.:)

    I hope you saw a happy reflection in the post , not a heart-breaking memory..
    Thank you for your kind words and the readership. 🙂 You inspired, yes, you did! 🙂

  15. Blessed to have good friends, Vishal. 🙂
    I have been good to them too. Friendship is a two way process and when one hand does not reach the other , the bond breaks.

    Thank you for leaving these words. 🙂 I am so happy that this made you happy. 🙂 And I hope you are feeling better , today.:)

  16. Hello Pauline , Sorry to take hours to reply here. I was hiding under the blanket after realizing the post looks like * I am praising myself * , whereas all I wanted to express – “How words play an important role in life/world”.
    And you are always welcome to share wisdom you gained from life , I love long comments. I love when people leave their thumbprints by clicking the “like” button, but I love it more when people leave their words in the comment section.

    Now, back to the topic- I am a deep thinker, Pauline , one thing I am very proud of, in myself. I observed only 2 to 3 percent people think deeply and they are treasure , I don’t want to let them go from life. 🙂

    I cant forgive * wrong* people , Pauline ; most of the times though it’s *wrong* words that hurt us , not the people. But still, I have an issue with forgiveness and forgetting. I am working on it. Hope to reach there , some day!

    But , what I can achieve easily is – the number 3 that I mentioned. I think I am almost 70% there and even though there is no destination, it’s just a journey- journey where I want to use kind and good words and not to hurt any heart . We all can *be* the change , and that’s how big *changes* happen.

    I am so happy for you that you discovered the miracle of forgiveness. You are awesome , Pauline. “It’s trust and not having expectations and understanding that we all screw up from time to time and we all then have the opportunity to learn from that“- How true!:) Thank you for stopping by, Pauline. It’s a pleasure reading your powerful words. 🙂

  17. Words have the power to make a huge difference in our life. You are blessed to have such wonderful friends and ur words is making my heart tickle with happiness as I read this post:)

  18. Beautifully written. I could find my reflection in there some where. Every word was honest and from the heart and that will take you far.

  19. Archita, you are a lovely person and that is reflected in every post that you write. We all make mistakes, we all judge people but we all should also learn to forgive. I am pretty sure you will too.

    Those are three very powerful changes that you are about to make. Wish you the best for that! May you be successful. 🙂

  20. Archita– you have a loving heart and it shines through. As far as I can see, your words are always true and kind– so be prepared to change the world! 🙂

    And you’re welcome to send me a letter anytime, you know how much I love mail. 😀

  21. Dear Archita, you are such a deep thinker; I feel you are a person with the potential to gain immense understanding of the human condition! Forgiveness is the biggie! Forgiving others and forgiving ourselves. For me it was most important to learn to really take responsibility for everything that happened / happens in my life – and that took a great number of years to really understand and do I can assure you! 🙂 Once I got there I discovered the miracle of forgiveness. True forgiveness moves us to a place of peace, of ‘okay-ness’ and most important, ‘letting go and letting god’ as they say. It’s trust and not having expectations and understanding that we all screw up from time to time and we all then have the opportunity to learn from that. And finally I just want to add, it doesn’t really matter how long it takes us to get there – as long as we do! And you did! Excuse this long comment – I get carried away sometimes with enthusiasm on these subjects 🙂

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