When Life Is The Present.

Once upon a time , on a Friday , for Weekly Photo Challenge on WordPress I thought of checking some hmmold photographs I clicked in other countries. What happened next was inevitable , or so. I spent hours checking all happy moments from my past , then went to mail inbox and checked old mails . Soon , after 4 hours , I remembered I have a present, a beautiful present that I forgot for four hours.




Then, last week , while dealing with certain uncertainties, The husband and I decided to take a break from routines – gym , hikes , TV etc. We thought of reading two books that were on our reading list for a while , but soon were caught by nostalgia. Our two hour long chat involved my childhood travels , school day stories , his beautiful childhood in a well knit family ,his old friends , my old friends , my teen age achievements , his cricket-love etc until the point where our two worlds became one ,almost 10 years ago – things we talked about ,multiple times, yet we enjoy repeating.

After two hours passed , all of a sudden , I realized that the past has that addictive attraction – it always looks good; while it may not be that true.


My dad had to travel a lot ; as a result , I had to go to many schools . Each year , I had to make new friends , had to adjust myself in a completely challenging environment . It was difficult and maybe I was not happy about that . But now, when I look back , all I can see is a beautiful phase – filled with too many friends , new places and popularity ! It’s delusional. Nostalgia is delusional. Or maybe as per my own theory – We see what we want to see! When time flows , we want to hold on to only a fragment of it!

First Page of "As A Man Thinketh" I saved for myself!
First Page of “As A Man Thinketh” I saved for myself after reading.

When I was in my early twenties I was a rebel . There were things that I wanted to change fast , for myself , for my friends , for the society. The superstitions which close the minds . The dogmas that stop us to be ourselves. The boundaries that make the world a small place . I succeeded at places . I failed miserably at others. And still I am who I am. World didn’t change much. As I grow older I feel more peace even when I don’t go with the flow . I do not want to go to my past and give the early twenty year old me a piece of peace. I don’t regret it either!

When destination changes, life doesn’t stop. Because life is never about the past or the future.

From Google. Actual source unknown
From Google. Actual source unknown

They say, our memories make us who we are! I despise . New cells are born , everyday. Blood flows. We eat things. We observe the world. We read. We are born everyday by welcoming every change . For us , every morning is a new morning. Every moment is constantly weaving our stories with threads of our own actions and reactions.

Our past was no different from today. There were sadness , laughter , moments of anger, depression , love. A few things stayed unchanged . A few things disappeared and made space to welcome new ones. We made mistakes , did things we are still very proud of . We have been hurt , we hurt . We faced failures so badly that we thought – life was ending! But, we are here today because we did not stay in the past. We forgave and forgot ; we forgave without forgetting a few precious things that we wanted to remember! We did not stop. We made peace with certain things . We accepted that “Charaiveti” was the only truth we had to carry forward!

Good and bad memories are part of every life. But if we focus on the present more we may never have to look back again! It was just a realization that day and I kept thinking about it. The more I think the better everything looks in the present situation ! Life is indeed [about] the present.


Written for Forthepromptless

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

20 thoughts on “When Life Is The Present.”

  1. I’m fine , thanks Archita. It is 2;12 AM here still not sleepy. Good thing is that I read your old posts which i missed .

  2. That is exactly what Ma tells me – We see what we like and believe what suits us . How true! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, Indira. Hope you ‘re doing well. 🙂

  3. Nice post Archita. Very insightful, poetic and a reminder that we mostly view life as we want to from our beliefs and focus. To seeing more of the beauty in the ordinary like your pics, blessings, Brad

  4. Yes, so true. There is no age limit for certain things. And age is just a number. 😀
    I am not rebel anymore; I am softening up a lot..:D Good for me..! But, I have a rebel heart which won’t give up! 😀
    Hey, Pune n fergusson – best days for you , right? 🙂 we should not lose hope and must focus on our present. Thank you for the readership Vishal. 🙂

  5. Woohoo! That was something..well I enjoyed reading your long post and u should not give up posting. We need to keep our hope, dreams and aspirations and yeah, sometimes the dull moments urge me to give up only to be reminded there shall be light. I also accept critics positively in a bid to improve and find myself. I was a very slow student and what one would call, late developer, in the earlier days of life. Thankfully, I things turned out to be positive and attended the best arts college in Pune, Fergusson college. We tend to hark in the past too often and guess I am a rebel for life. Believe in ma dreams and always follow ma heart, there is no age bar to follow one’s dreams.

  6. Yay!…Do I sound like those people who preach and talk about *how to live* or art of living the life etc ? 😀 Do let me know if I sound like that. Ha ha.

    We are this gen couple, Harsha…where 2/3rd of the life is on social networking sites..LOL . I do love those REAL 2 hours as you pointed out rightly. Thank you for stopping by.

  7. You are such a wonderful person, Arch and you are already letting go things that bother you. Even though we all are learning and un-learning things everyday, I find you very matured and thoughtful. Thank you for stopping by. *Love and hugs*

  8. Vishal , Let me confess; yesterday, it was a dull day and I do regret if I write on those days. But this post is an exception!. 🙂
    I see life as same …no drastic change for me – too much hope , aspiration, struggle , success and failures too. It’s just that sometimes thanks to nostalgia I end up missing the past a lot while I have a beautiful present too. 😀
    My issue is – I fight to be the best , in school, I used to compete with the boys to achieve the 1st rank..I succeeded for 12 years…then @ career, I try to be the best..at blogging too, I dream of success, someday!..While “doing” phase is always about struggle , success, failures..when things are “done”..I do ignore the “achievements” present offers everyday- smallest ones , the large ones! I take achievements, admiration lightly and focus only on the “criticism” and “failure” part..ALWAYS!..Hence, sometimes , present looks bad and past looks glorious..:D While the fact is Life never was/is bed of roses for anyone..

    No one is perfect. But as soon we find the cracks in us, improvements work . I am working on myself on that aspect. I found the crack. LOL

    Rebel..Hmm..I gave up, Vishal. I can “be” the change..I have no hope left to “change” things in the society! 😀 I live and let live! 😀

    God!!..longest comment I have ever written!:D

  9. I am delighted reading this post, Archita:) The thing about failure is so true and u rightly said, we see what we wanted to see. You’ve been through a lot and do tell me, do present problems in life have an immediate solution and why we see no light at the tunnel end?’.. also, I was a rebel in 20s and m still one..born rebel..hhehe love the flowers coz mom has planted some in the garden.

  10. Great Lesson on Past,Present and Future..and Yes Present is what we all have..:-)
    And the 2 hours chat you had,sometimes such chat makes you forget the present… 🙂

  11. Omg.. Really? Im sure ur day will be so good n full of wise things… Ha ha.. Ya my book talk vs his cricket talk….:D if u were here we could have added soccer too.. 😀 thank u 🙂

  12. Nice One..This is the first thing I read today morning…:):) Our two hour long chat involved – Cricket…Hmmmm :):):)

  13. Something I learned over the years. Life’s always a perfect mixture of happiness , contentment , anxiety , defeat, success. 🙂 Welcome to my blog. I found your blog from Sonel’s challenge. You have an amazing collection there. Thank you for your wonderful words .:)

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