Under The Sun


Someday , I may become a globetrotter without a permanent address.
A free mind , zero aspiration , no connectivity – Only three of them can accompany me.

Someday , I may stare at a sleeping otter for hours or get into a ship and sail towards nowhere! I may even end up being a happy feet among happy souls!

But I know that my mathematics loving mind will never let me do anything like that!

I’ll end up calculating a lot..

Numbers and lots of “What if”s !

I’ll end up making a list of medicines to protect a situation – *if I fall sick* ;

I’ll end up noting down phone numbers of people to protect them – *if they need me*;

I’ll end up asking loved ones *if they are happy to say a final good bye before my journey without a destination *.

And if “ifs” and other “what if”s do not work I may just plan a family vacation to places , eat local food , listen to local music , visit local markets to see how they live , and take lots of photographs to save that memory!

My travel list is pretty long and quite unusual..Someday , I will talk about them with you in detail ! But for today, I will share a few snaps clicked under the bright Sun in San Francisco.

I love when I find Sun in San Francisco ; because when its cloudy I cannot connect with its heart!

*** Let me know how you connect with the heart of your city , country! You may even let me know your travel destinations. Who knows if my travel list matches with yours! 

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

9 thoughts on “Under The Sun”

  1. I had a serious discussion with my forever-career-loving dad about this plan 2 years ago. He said , vacation is good when you’re busy..Break is good when you long for it on a hectic work day. 🙂 Who knows! I may take a globetrotting break soon and if I dont like it , I will come back :D.. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment.:)

  2. This is what I tried for a while after a hectic corporate job of 15 years. As you said rightly, the meditation part egged me on and the mathematics part made me stop and think…..The pictures are lovely, have been to SFO in 2007 last and seems to be as pretty as ever.

  3. Whenever I see your comment I smile..love your words a lot. Finally I logged in to twitter and found you there; I have started following you there too.:)thank you for the visit and inspiring me to write more. Tomar shara moteo noy..anek kicchu baki. 🙂 and I wish one fine day I become like you. Love ,regards and biiiiiiiiig hugs 🙂

  4. I would love if I could ‘ we shall meet in the forest, mountains and at sea beaches’ But as in Bengali says- Tomar holo shuroo, amar holo shaara. I admire you writing very much. Wish I could write like this.

  5. Moods and moments of a city..adore the pics..like u, I think too much in terms of what ifs..u know it’s bad.i too wanna be a globe trotter not belonging to a single place:)

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