Stress , A Week

uninteresting-lifeStress, uncertainties – I try to avoid both of them ; but there are many things that we cannot avoid – for example : the unknown neighbor who says “Hi” every morning in the gym OR Columbia roasted coffee even though a decaf Nescafe jar stands on the kitchen platform like an abandoned thing.

For a week  , I was under too much stress ; I can control my words when I am tired physically, but when my mind is tired my words just flow..not to any direction, of course. So, I take a dip into books , watch TV shows , movies. During the peak time of my stress, I watch Everybody Loves Raymond ,because I am sure I will laugh..pretty sure , actually. It tops my very own “How to kill stress” list.

I got many books from library, last month. Fictions , philosophy and Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office . We all consider ourselves nice girls at the end of the day! Right? It’s one universal truth that we accept with harmony and without judgement. 😀

Among all these books , I took 7 hours to finish Emily Giffin’s Where We Belong. 372 pages , 7 hours, 2 cups of tea, one plate full of Pita chips -That’s how I killed stress , one evening.

Where We Belong is captivating , heart-felt and sharp – kind of books you find once or twice in a year . I brought the book after finding it at 2nd place on Goodreads’ best fiction of 2012 list. I love Emily Giffin’s Jane Austen style story telling. Nowadays when dogs have their twitter fan pages and cats write blogs everyday , I surely wanted to know where we belong !

I also went out again for long hike this Saturday , watched sailing race America’s Cup live , was mesmerized by the speed of the yachts and the changes of the ocean color ,whole day! Under the bright San Francisco Sun, my Saturday was bright and light .

And when stress was killed , swollen feet and discolored nose gave me hard time. I forgot to apply sunscreen on my nose and after my whole day hiking trip , my nose got different color. I may be called “Nosy” this whole week!

*** How do you kill stress? By Eating or Walking alone or Listening to music? Do you write when you are under stress?

Both the images are from  friend's pages on Facebook.
Both the images are from friend’s pages on Facebook.

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

14 thoughts on “Stress , A Week”

  1. Ha ha…that’s great to know. I do not like chick lits, vogue, Cosmo,rom coms. I Never ever read them knowingly. 🙂

  2. Sleeping them off , cardio like running on treadmill or biking are the best. But sometimes, there is no time for all these in a busy life. So I found everybody loves raymond helps during that phase. 😀

  3. Archita, You made a good point. Getting enough sleep is very important. Patrick

  4. I know Amit. My stress thing never lasts and it vanishes with a giggle every time..:D Thank you for being there. You surely make us laugh a lot.:D

  5. A hike is the best stress reliever if time permits..and sleeping too right?:)
    Music never solves my stress..I mean they support me a lot when I work on something else like room cleaning or cooking. But if I have to focus on real work , music never helps during that stress.

    I write diary , so yup, that helps … Sticky note is a great option..Long drive is good too. Thank you for stopping by here and helping out. I really appreciate it. 🙂

  6. First choice is to go for a hike with the dogs if possible. If I’m at work and dealing with stress, I turn to music to block out the problems and refocus my brain. I will also go for a walk at work if the stress is really bad. At home I find working in the garage or yard is a major stress reliever. I also enjoy going for a drive in my PT Cruiser GT HO on the back roads when possible. I use my blog to sort through stressful situations to try and make sense of what is bothering me. Once I complete the post I consider the problem solved. If it comes back to haunt me I go back and reread my own post as a reminder. Awhile back I put a yellow sticky note on my computer to remind me “It’s a new day” each morning.

  7. I will make a confession: I love chick lit and am currently reading Femina and also love Cosmo women. chick lit books..I love Meenakshi Redddy Madhavan Books.check out You Are Here. I also love a variety of books and love rom-com, they are fun. I mean, I try to write during moments of stress and try to keep them short coz I always screw up long posts..a poem will do or day in my life in bullet points. Hey thanks n have an awesome week:)

  8. Thank you for sharing. 🙂 I used to love painting too. Soon , I will start again.:)
    If I write when I am stressed , I think those will be the saddest stories of the world and later I will regret :D..It happened a lot earlier. I write diary for many years. God knows what all I wrote there . 😀
    Ah..I am so happy to find another Everybody Loves Raymond Fan. :D..Earlier I used to love other shows ( HIMYM, Gossip Girl , Big Bang Theory) too..but now when I am stressed out I just watch two three episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond and laugh..:D..I have watched so many times..still I laugh..:D

  9. Music helps kill my stress. But painting or doing other “creative” projects is my top stress killer. I always write when I’m stressed, angry, sad, those writings I tend to keep to myself, though why I couldn’t say lol

    I also watch Everyone Loves Raymond for the stress-break of laughing. I don’t know why that show strikes me as more amusing than others!

  10. ha ha..yes..I got many interesting books this time..chick lit to career inspiration to deep philosophy. 🙂 Do you write when you are under stress? I don’t like my own writings after I am stress free. 🙂 Have a great week, Vishal. 🙂

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