imagesTwo days ago, I thought of taking a walk to a nearby store. It was afternoon ; a warm weekend afternoon when people either chose to be busy or take a nap again.

On the sidewalk , I noticed a duck gazing at me suspiciously. I walked at my pace without bothering much .Soon, I found him standing there as a guard ,protecting another duck and three ducklings who were happily asleep.  It was such a peaceful sight. I smiled .

Within 10 ft or so , I saw a man lying on the grass, under a big green tree ;  eye closed ; snoring – indicating the existence , not very loudly. There was a bicycle and some bags beside him . In our man-made world , he had no place to sleep or anyone to guard him. I sighed.

That very morning, one girl from my extended family shared her life stories with me. ” I wish you were here help me . No one is listening to me. Where have you vanished? You do not even come on Gtalk nowadays.” She paused to breathe.  “We will talk more . I was unwell and busy; just managed to sail through .But I am there for you.“, I assured her. “What happened to you ? You were alright when we spoke last time. Right ?” She asked. I chose not to answer . Some stories better stay untouched , unexplained.

In the evening, My mom called. My Grandfather was in hospital , waiting for an arthroplasty to correct some of his joints. “He will be alright , Ma. Don’t worry. “, I tried to give my anxious mom a hug , from far..very far; actually a virtual one-sided tight hug.

My mom shares with me zillion times – how old age brings loneliness – the story of empty-nesters; how my grandfather had to go to doctor alone after his accident because all my maternal uncles were busy at work . My grandparents are very disciplined and self-dependent. I am very proud of them. There was a time in my life when I wanted to be like them – self-made , dreamer and with a big house full of happy people..After achieving many wonderful milestones in life , my grandfather did not have many people with him when he had the accident.

I wonder what “achievement” really means ! I wish I could build a chain of strength to connect all my friends and family members so tightly that loneliness dared to stare ! I wish I could fix broken hearts ,broken nests! I wish I could be present at many places to help ,or hug ,or listen!


people need people..
to hug..
to share..
to pour..
to depend on..
to care..
or, simply stand there ,

just like the duck I saw, that day…

Image from FB
Image from FB

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6 responses to “Just A Day…”

  1. I wish your Grandpa well, Archita. I think your wish for your family and friends, and the rest, are beautiful wishes and I’m wishing them with you. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment [like always]. 🙂 You know there are moments when I can only wish and hope for the best. Thank you for stopping by and your comment.They mean a lot.:)

  2. MY wishes for your grandpa to recover. life is such a fallacy and we are on our own most of the times, a sad fact of life…jeevan chalne ka naam,chalte raho subah shaam..

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