The unusual love


Morning! Morning is the most beautiful part of a day. It is like the childhood time – fresh, innocent , forgiving and glowing. I love that soft golden light on green branches outside my window. I love fresh aroma of tea – that reminds me of home and the aroma of tea from mom’s kitchen. I love morning news on TV- as if there was no yesterday ; life begins now and here ;everywhere!

I have never been so good with the mornings though. Being an anxious person who tries to protect every next moment of her life , I almost always sleep just before the dawn. I always try to finish reading, work, planning long before the beginning of a new day.

That way, that is the usual life;


I am an early riser on weekends.

I appreciate the beauty of mornings only on two days of the week.

This *wrong* habit has no explanations. It’s not like I sleep early on Fridays or I *hate* other 5 mornings. I even do not go for morning jog on weekend mornings.

Instead, I start the day slowly. I love that little luxury of being lazy in a crazy life. I love sharing the solitude with the lonely Saturday morning. I love standing on my porch and staring at the hummingbird . He doesn’t care if I stare! Most of the times , it’s me , the cup of tea , a book or newspaper , the bird , and all of us drenched in the pure Sunlight.
I feel so awaken .I feel blessed to be able to enjoy that moment.

And all these never happen on weekdays. On weekdays , I curse my morning and try my best to snooze till I can afford . I do not look at outside because everyone at his/her respective den is busy, running around the clock . The Sun is lazy or overactive . The hummingbird keeps distance from the crazy mankind too .There is no place or time to observe *peace*.

Image from Google
Image from Google

Once upon a time, a well known senior at work told me – The key to a successful life is to fall in love with Mondays. He was right , maybe! Because, I have not found that love yet. And either I am unsuccessful in life or lost…!

Whatever it is ..I do not fall for it ! I love waking up early and starting the Saturday as early as possible. That’s quite success. That’s quite love. And together , that’s a successful life I’d like to define.

It’s my decade old love story with the weekend mornings . In my mind , Saturday starts from Friday afternoon..and ends…. on Monday morning.  I love that logic. I am sure everyone loves it. 🙂

*** Do you love your weekend morning nap more than the sunlight and fresh news? Do you love mornings? What is your idea about success in life?


Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

17 thoughts on “The unusual love”

  1. Yeah I agree we are all little insane. Thank you, you have a lovely blog, will read all the posts slowly. Nice to meet you. Thanks for following mine 🙂 Keep in touch. Have a lovely weekend 🙂 getting up early in the morning 😉

  2. Thank you. It’s silly to love only two mornings every week. But, we all are little insane 😀 Welcome to my blog. I will visit yours pretty frequently 🙂

  3. I wish I can love my mornings too. I wish ..:)
    My mom is an early riser and she loves her mornings. Someday I will be like her…finishing yesterday before the midnight , welcoming today in early morning. I love working on so many things and love reading so much that I stretch my days . My weekend mornings are so different..Nothing stops me from waking up early. Thank you for the inspiration. 🙂

  4. Everyday, I love my mornings. In the weekends, I treasure every moment, every minute and savour it, rain or shine, on my balcony. Love your mornings.

  5. I understand that feeling; it’s like a flat line when weekends and weekdays are similar. We need craziness to appreciate solace . Pretty soon, you will go back to work again. Good luck. And Thanks a lot for the readership. Welcome to my blog.:)

  6. Every day is my weekend at the moment, Monday will be the start of my 7th week out of work. Whilst I hate that commute into work, I relish to have it again, only so I know I can enjoy those weekend mornings without having to worry about the bills.

  7. Just read this one…the other day I read a interesting blog…Sharing it..check your inbox…:):)

  8. Actually that’s a beautiful life lesson. Someday I will try to love early mornings on weekdays too. ..hopefully :D..

    Thank you for sharing a bit from your story here. 🙂 And thank you for the readership.:)

  9. 7 years back, I had the pleasure of being trained by an adorable man ( who I consider my teacher in more than one ways ). And he told me this,” if you can get up at 4 in the morning, you can do anything in the whole wide world”. I didn’t understand it then of course. All nighters were the norm in college days. But having been there, I realise how right he was.

    There is something magical about early mornings, really.

    Thank you for bringing back those memories Archita 🙂

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