If we talk about weather, then I know now that I am a true hypocrite in that area.
And you know I do not like hypocrites ( just like I do not like insects , earthworms , snails , roaches!) from my old posts ; specially this one. My very own hypocrisy is still an unsolved mystery and quite silly too!

I think I love all seasons when I think about them. The idea is better than reality! I love reading about them – views by idealists , by naturally natural nature-lovers , by poets , by lovers!

I fall in love with rains when I listen to a rain song ;

I fall in love with winter when I read a poem aloud.

But, it’s the reality that checks on me and helps me to fall out of love pretty soon.
And that’s how I get upset if a weekend is cloudy :” God! how depressing it is! When will the Sun come out? ” – I keep asking everyone!

That’s how after two rainy days , I pray for sun; the brightest , biggest , yellowest sun.

I hate wearing layers and layers of coats , sweaters and wait impatiently for summer in winter evenings. .

And I dream about hot soup , colorful sweaters , white snow in summer.

I realize that  I cannot stay in love with any season for more than one day. I never had any “most favorite” season. And this self-discovery happened last morning when I found myself on weather websites ,checking next rain warning . I did the same search about “Bright Sunny days” last to last week after two continuous rainy days.

Under the burning Sun, it’s more than 102 F here ,everyday.

**** Do you love summer? What is your most favorite season? What is your most favorite summer destination?

Written for Daily Prompt.

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

8 thoughts on “Summer!”

  1. I have to post wild flowers I clicked during my recent trip. I was planning to open a separate blog for all of them. I love Tahoe when there’s snow on the sand ,in the early morning..Snow , sand and the blue lake – something so natural and peaceful..:)
    106? It’s going to be like this till tomorrow , I guess. 😦
    I love summer in winter ; I love long days when days are short..! 🙂
    Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing the answers to my questions. 🙂

  2. I love the summer because of the longer daylight hours but where I live it has been between 102-106 degree for the past week. I don’t like it when it is this hot. My favorite season is early spring when the hills of California are green and the wild flowers are in bloom. My favorite place to experience spring is South Lake Tahoe in and around Camp Shelly.

  3. H aha..I can guess . Is it like my favorite season ?- “Air conditioned office day” where temperature never changes , days and nights are same ? ha ha

  4. I love Summer But I really don’t want go out when the Heat is at its Peak,I love rains But I don’t like when it is pouring like hell,I love winters but I don’t like it when I have to take a Bath in the morning…I hope it clears what my favorite season is… 🙂

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