My neighborhood smells.
No, not that kind of smell – we do not have open trash cans , open garbage bins.

My neighborhood smells yummy. It’s good to know that someone is making enchiladas , muffins , pizza , curry , lasagna , noodles . They remind me of one important thing I should not forget in my daily life – Food!

This morning , I was the only one who I found in the gym. And , the minutes on treadmill seemed like hours; hours seemed like a day. As soon I finished that ” I am the only hopeless soul running in the gym on Saturday ” phase , I came out and that yummy smell hit my nose once again ; it’s Saturday special. At 8 AM in the morning , someone cooks *Bengali Mutton Curry* and that aroma makes me homesick every Saturday!

Now , Smelling things correctly is not really my area of expertise ; I mean,I cannot figure out who the killer is ,by smelling a blood soaked shirt ; I even cannot tell you what you ate yesterday by observing you today ( Not even an inch close to a modern or old day Sherlock!)

But, being a foodie I know from where the aroma of Pizza comes when we return in the evening.
I know who made fritters in the rainy evening last week .

And that’s how even without uttering too many words ,I fall in love with my yummy neighborhood – where people from different countries cook different things , talk different languages , but eat, live and breathe in harmony .  🙂

*** It’s a sunny Saturday here. How’s yours? Does your neighborhood smell yummy too?


Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

6 thoughts on “YUM YUM YUM….”

  1. I live in the country, nothing but farms. Yummy smelling is not the word I would use most mornings lol You did however make me miss more city-like life, all the different people, languages and foods, more so than usual.

  2. Can’t say mine smells yummy, think sweet would be the correct word as there are so many flowers in bloom at the moment, I smell fresh blossoms every time I leave the house!

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