To a Peaceful Nest


Every evening two birds fly to the nest.
It’s the place where arguments work just like a room heater ,
where new learning freezes the past experience,
where they share their food , walk into each other’s dream and wake up to a new day,
where nothing works better than their friendship .

They named the nest “LOVE”
because that’s where they wanted to be
and will be forever !


Here they learn to fall,
and choose to rise .
Here , they see compassion
in each other’s eyes.
They know that the sky is open
as long as they want ;
But it’s the companionship that
keeps them warm.
They know freedom is free of cost,
nest is not.
But here exists the peace that
their togetherness got.



This is my first entry to B4Peace.This month the challenge is to explore how to have peace in relationships or how to have peace at home . I wrote about a happy and peaceful nest where two lovebirds return ,every evening. You can place yourselves there and think about your home . 🙂

If you are an old follower of my blog, you know from my posts that I am married to my best friend. I am not an relationship expert , I am learning and re-learning too! But I can say from my experience ( and after seeing all forever-lasting marriages in the family) that friendship is the key to a happy marriage. Friendship with the life partner , with families, with yourself – that’s how you welcome “Peace at home” . 🙂

And I *heart* this line  :

“Peace begins with a smile.”  — Mother Teresa

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

2 thoughts on “To a Peaceful Nest”

  1. Compassion , staying in “Love” , friendship – That’s something my Grand Ma told me on my wedding day…secret of her more than 65 year old happy marriage .:) Thank you for B4Peace, brilliant idea 🙂

  2. Love the idea of love being a nest. Welcome to B4Peace. Thank you so much for this beautiful poem. I think if we could all see “compassion in each others eyes,” we would have peace in no time. {{{hugs]} kozo

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