When It Rains.


So, it’s a rainy Monday.

There are moments when rain makes me nostalgic and I want it never stops.

There are moments when I wish it never rains on a crazy week day or a on a busy weekend.

But, there are also another type of a day – when I can order a cup pf cappuccino and write a post sitting in a beautiful cafeteria, of course without missing the pittar patter outside . Yes , life is good when it offers tiny surprises. Just like it did today.

Rain reminds me of my crazy fights with Dad who never let me walk in the rain- he was always protecting me from  germs , bacteria, cold and fever . 🙂

Rain reminds me of rainy days in school , my beautiful rain coats , flowery umbrellas and many many rainbows.

During growing up years , rainy days were my favorite for another reason – fritters for evening snacks , and “khichdi” ( something close to “Paella” to “rice and lentil soup” ) for dinner from Mom’s kitchen. Those things were season special and that’s how the wait for rain was special.

Occasionally,we had those little family special celebrations during cloudy weekends . Mom would play guitar , sing a song. Sometimes ,we would listen to Raag Malhar without understanding a single thing . Her voice and the sound of rain – made wonderful memories. 🙂

She is the candle bearer of arts and music in our science loving family.

She still sings , It rains still. Only I am away !

Nostalgia is like that .  Sometimes ,places and people do not change . Some stories happen everyday without having you in it . You are somewhere else , being the protagonist of some new story , busy in creating other memories. 🙂


————How is your Monday so far? Is it sunny or cloudy? Do you love rain?—————–

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

20 thoughts on “When It Rains.”

  1. Wow! Those are good habits . 🙂 I love walking in the rain and love falling sick after that ! 😀 Thank you for the readership and comment.

  2. Mine was cloudy and rainy. so u gettinga feel of Indian monsoon in US..ME too:) I love the rains and enjoy reading, writing and, of course, lotsa chais and cappucino::)

  3. So true. Our food , indo-chinese food from our city , anglo-indian food..So many things we have. Food mixed with rich history and culture. Yes , I always wanted to write about it. Pretty soon. Thank you for your suggestion. Take Care :):)

  4. No one can beat Bengali when it comes to variety of food. Write a post about it. Now I can’t eat so will enjoy reading it.

  5. Mochar Chop , Phool Kopir Shingara , Ilish Paturi + Hot white Rice , Totamo Raisin Chutney , Chingri Maach-er Malaikari ..:( So true , it can never end! :D..

  6. Ki bhalo laglo eta pore..:) .Yes, Khichdi + Ilish Fry + Onion Pakoda + Tea = = One Beautiful Rainy Day… 😀 Thank you Thank you 😀

  7. I will write down a story from my life on this pretty soon. I wish I had all the time to “Think* & *write* .. 😀 And All the best :):)

  8. Loved reading your memories. Written very beautifully. Khichdi saathe Ilish maachh bhaja bhole gechoho? I still love standing in rain.

  9. I hate Mondays too. But then one of my seniors and quite well known techie explained to me – “Key to success is falling in love with Mondays”..Since then , the trial is WIP 😀

  10. I love rain only to extent not the heavy ones and yes I hate Monday like anything…I wish each day to be saturday and Sunday.. 😛

  11. I love rain, most especially thunderstorms. We had some storms today so we got to have a lazy play inside day here 🙂 You have great memories to tell, I love reading them!

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