Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves – My Curvy Nostalgia


I call them “curvy nostalgia”.
Yes, there’s nothing like straight forward nostalgia!
Every picture of the life is linked with so many good things, people and stories that the shape of the journey back is always curvy  ! But hey, curves are beautiful! 😉 

photo (4)







Do you know what the last picture is doing here? It’s saying – even clouds have curves , yet they keep floating !  😉

Love the curves but stay light inside ! Happy Weekend!  😀

To check other entries , click on : http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/06/14/weekly-photo-challenge-curves/

30 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves – My Curvy Nostalgia”

    • HI Richard , the first one is historic Taj hotel and gateway of India – clicked at Mumbai, India. Second one is a Hindu Festival shot at Kolkata, India. Third picture is of the same festival shot in USA.
      Fourth one is clicked at Princeton University, USA. Fifth one is Venetian Hotel , Las Vegas ( USA). Sixth and Seventh ones – in UAE. The last one is a Christmas time click at LA, USA.

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