If everyone is hurt, then who’s hurting?


Life after I hit 25 started becoming invincible. Simple things appeared difficult – for example compassion , forgiveness , laughter , trust.  Things that I always thought would change for good stayed unchanged . For example –  black holes of the society , politics , gender equality , literacy rate , versatile career options.

And then , friends started changing too ; some of them changed so much that I felt I never knew them . 

In every call, my best friend spoke only about her Mother-In-Law problem .( Oh! It’s been one of the biggest problems in India. Don’t trust me? Watch any Indian TV soap! 😉 ) Uncle and aunty ( her in-laws) were extremely nice to me and in exactly opposite way , were very passive-aggressive to my best friend. But,  I could not figure out how our phone discussions could solve the issue . Everyday I saw her changing into someone I never knew. My poetry and painting lover friend turned to a very negative nagger.

In a year, I figured out – there are two ways to live : Live like everyone is living OR Live and let live.

I chose the second way.

I started living the way I wanted – without judging anyone else’s choice and without letting myself affected by anyone’s way of living.

I started using two layered strainers to let a few people go from my life so that I could have some space to allow new ones.  It was easy to do in my world that was changing so fast – a lot many friends changed to either money-chaser, emotionless zombies or over-jealous aliens. I even could count the number of true friends I was left with.

It’s better to share the life with the world that cares 
than to wait to share with many deaf ears !

Ya, I exactly thought like that. 😀

But , then I met many passionate people , achievers ,peace loving, non judgmental human beings- whose life stories inspired me ; they filled in the void and stayed friends.

I also started nature photography to bring peace in my life. There’s so much to observe in nature – the tranquility , the forgiveness , the positiveness . Each Sunset invites another new sunrise. Every moment teaches us how time is the most precious thing.

I grew up , studied , worked in cities .  I never knew how to breathe in fresh air when I felt tired ; I never knew how to observe different shades of blue in the sky ; I did not try to measure how big a full moon was ..ALWAYS ! Nature never looked more beautiful before I looked at it through the lenses.

There are so many big events in the world that we all can let the petty things go. Things go so that new things can arrive.

When I look back now – I understand that the best decision to kill my stress I took was starting writing once again after 4 years gap and working on the new hobby ; photography. They are just hobbies, very far from my career aspiration. That’s why hobbies are beautiful ; they do not follow any “give and take back” kind of equations.

If we are busy in doing what we love – everything looks simple and wonderful.

I was on Facebook today and found a lady friend (who I like a lot ) posted the following picture. And many people liked it and shared their pain too. This made me think :” If everyone is hurt , then who is hurting?

Copied from Facebook

I believe – > We all are acting and re-acting.

Every one has a good heart; every heart was hurt . But , to heal your heart fast and make it wiser, you’ve to keep it light by positive and self-less thoughts. No one is perfect.

Life is never a bed of roses. We all fall, get hurt, learn our lessons. But that does not mean we will not walk ahead and stop being ourselves. Every lesson makes us “better”. Don’t stop being yourself ; march ahead, friends.

Make your pain the sunset of your life
and wake up to a new day with a new sunrise! 

My blogger friend Sangeeta has written a brilliant post about awareness and positive thinking here . Check it out. You may find many answers .

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

12 thoughts on “If everyone is hurt, then who’s hurting?”

  1. Archita,
    Great thoughts to ponder and a good way to start my day.

  2. Exactly that’s what I think too, you know. 🙂
    .Honestly , how wonderful that world would look.:)

    Thank you very much for reading and your comment.:)

  3. “I started living the way I wanted – without judging anyone else’s choice and without letting myself affected by anyone’s way of living.”

    That is the best way to live. If everyone chose to live like that what a wonderful place the world would be, no? 🙂

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