Power is “You” : On Food Waste

This thought occurred to me during writing a Facebook post in early 2011. “What if our food was money? Would you have left it on your plate and sent to trash? ”

And then it took a short post , 23 likes , 10 disagreement and many agreements to make a rule in the house with a life long validity – “No Food Wastage “.

Good thing about life is “you” are the CEO of your own house and can make ( & break ) rules!

This post is not about how food wastage happens or how by controlling food wastage at the consumption level you are doing something good for the nation. To know both, you can Google.

I am going to discuss a few simple ways I followed to make myself a wiser , “food -waste”- free food lover. You can read them here and consider thoroughly ! 🙂

1 : My friend is on diet. She was asked to eat less. She used to take lots of items on her plate , eat a handful amount , and consider that “diet”.

When I asked her about food wastage during our lunch , she said she found this solution on some well known diet book. I requested her to plan “portion control” while serving food on her plate.  If you’re on strict diet, serve less amount of food on your plate . You can save the the rest in fridge to use later (or realize how much to cook or order if you are eating out!)

2. Planning your weekly menu helps . If you are career driven person and have less time to think about kitchen , then planning your food is the best solution you can gift yourself. On my refrigerator wall, I paste a weekly plan on every Sunday.

I love a worry-free life and anxiety-free stomach. Planning menu helps me to know exactly what I have purchased during weekly grocery and which item in the fridge is nearing its expiry date.

Result – I don’t over-buy  ;I can use all un-used items, can stop wasting .

3. Put newly bought items to the back and older items ( nearing expiry date) to the front side of the fridge.

4. Sometimes , kids waste food and out of affection and love, we let it happen for longer period. My mom was very strict about food wastage in our house. She used to ask before dinner if we were very hungry or just hungry! 😉 There were times when we ended up eating everything even though we were not much hungry.

It was difficult ; but later , we could not un-learn the lesson she taught us. Talking about food wastage with the kids – is one of the  brilliant life lessons .

5. Do not buy large bags of your favorite food if you have a small family. I mean, you of course can! – only if you know that you are not going to throw them after some weeks because you’re bored of eating it .

6. Freeze food . You can freeze and preserve food for future. Sometimes, we all end up buying bulk package produce , seasonal things on discount . Use good quality freezer bag, search on Google to know “how to freeze ” them if it’s not written on the pack.

7. This is the most important and from my own experience – NEVER go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. If you have no choice , then just go with a strict grocery list. I do emotion-driven shopping if I am hungry ; I end up buying high caloric food ( that I will never use ) and anything that looks attractive ( for example , ice-creams!)

8. Do not try to teach guests about food waste if they’re invited for dinner . Just follow it in your house and set a good example. Once you achieve it , BE SURE that you’ll have many followers ! 🙂

9. If you did not like all 8 points above , then remember only one thing – Serve small amount of food and you can go back again for second serving. This is the easiest way to stop food waste .

** Good rules, good things make us better , everyday. You do not have to ask others to follow your rules. Start it yourself and set an example. Remember the real power is “you”. 🙂

To read more about food waste go to : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_waste  And http://www.unep.org/wed/quickfacts/

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10 thoughts on “Power is “You” : On Food Waste”

  1. I do that too. I buy only what we need , write them down so that I don’t forget . It helps me. Thank you for stopping by and your comment. 🙂

  2. “Start your rule and set as an example” Love it, not just on food. When it comes to food or shopping for food, since I am on my own, I do not freeze. I buy and cook enough food for myself. Good Post.

  3. That’s so great to know . :)With my number 2, Let me be very HONEST, writing the menu saves my time. So , on Tuesday, if it’s written egg & bread for breakfast, I can make anything with that ,but without changing the ingredients! :D.. That way, I remember whats hiding in the fridge! But I change a lot during a week! 🙂 For example, I woke up reading your craving for quesadilla and you know the end result..I made quesadilla for breakfast :D:D..
    While growing up, finishing vegetables were challenge for me as I used to be a meat/fish lover , but I changed slowly. 😀

    Thank you soo much for stopping by:):)

  4. I do pretty good with this, but with number 2.
    I love to eat fresh food, so planning a menu for the week and cooking it in advance kills me, specially when in the middle of the week I crave shrimps or quesadillas, something that I hadn’t foreseen when I first planned the menu.
    But as for the rest I’m good, if I roast a chicken I use the last bit of it, tacos, salads, you name it.
    Great post !

  5. Yayy..I am so happy to find someone just like me. 🙂 Thank you soo much for sharing your story. It inspired 🙂

  6. I grew up with the “Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without” (my Mother learned it from hers and passed it to me) rule, this included food, if we wasted food and it was gone before shopping day we’d be quite hungry! I follow most of your 8 points 🙂

  7. A beautifully put post on wastage that we do from time to time. There was a time when I would regularly waste food but now I ask mom to remove lil food that ma stomach is ready to accomodate:)

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