That’s why NEVER!


He said : “ Life is better after you cross the hill.”
I said : ” No. Life is never better.”
He said :” Never say never!” 

We looked at that long path.
We touched broken woods,
felt uneven surface,
spoke to unkind fellow walkers.
I wanted to sit and wait.
I said : ” I never wanted to walk.”
He said : ” Never say never.

When the sun came right over my head,
he tried searching for a shadow .
I said :” Why don’t you walk ahead?
Be the shadow ! Lead! 
He pointed at the man
who almost reached the top;
He said : “But we have to hurry!
Life is better there, Look at him.
I said : “ Lets go back.
Life is good there, under the hill,
in it’s big shadow.
We can kiss the sea
and stare at the seagulls, till death!
He said : “Hurry up! Walk with me.

We crossed many hills from then.
We saw many people and dogmas.
We learned togetherness,
little joy in walking together.
We felt the softness of the grass.
We analysed different shades of blue on the sky.
We felt how big mountains are,
yet so humble!
We saw how deep oceans are,
yet so still !

But, life turned more beautiful when we
started walking down to our land again.
We met the same passengers ,climbing down.
They all said
Life is better here.
under the hill, close to the sea.
We knew too.
I looked at him.
He said : “To know that, we had to climb up.
We could never appreciate our small boundary
while staying within it !
And I said, “Never say never.

< I never ask anyone to stay within a boundary!  I believe in living like a bird. So, this is a work of fiction that I will never write [or think]  again ! >

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Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

18 thoughts on “That’s why NEVER!”

  1. This is lovely, thanks for sharing it. I agree, that sometimes you need to step away and look back at what you have to actually be able to appreciate it!

  2. a wondrous poem Archita! You have a candid approach, no qualms, no exaggerations, pure…
    Quite late in the day nevertheless have to say it, happy to meet you 🙂

  3. Life comes a full circle and at times it does more than one. Never say Never to that either 🙂
    By the sea, on the mountain, in the desert, caged in a room for days in solitude…this moment I’m here and this is it !!

  4. :).. I actually wanted to write on another topic , today. But ended up writing a poem. 🙂 Thank you for your words, Vishal.:)

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