Cook,Eat,Stay healthy!

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All my life until a few years ago, I was extremely thin . I loved food . But, studying hard, gossiping with friends , dance class, painting , singing loud, poetry writing , going with friends to watch art films , debating on national politics ,fixing the best friend with her best friend etc were more important.  😉 Nutrition , healthy eating were never the topic of any discussions.  

I have a family history of diabetes and high blood pressure. And my dad is a doctor ; so , I never ate anything unhealthy. I grew up eating things that my mom made in her kitchen , everyday. Dad always did ( & still does) the weekly vegetable shopping ,selecting the fresh and colorful ones.

During festivals ,my extended family cooked everything yummy, a bit not-so-healthy things and my dad always avoided eating those! My brother & I ate all of them and wondered why mom did not make them at our kitchen!

Life did not stop. Once job-life started, I traveled a lot and tasted many cuisines, never cared to check – healthy or not.

4 years ago, my dad had to go for an angioplasty. Luckily, I was just back to country and could be there with him and my mom during the whole recovery process. Seeing my hero my dad fighting that post procedure recovery bravely , I was shaken and awaken.

My healthy eating habit started from that time. Till then, I was doing everything to invite hypertension and diabetes –  High stressed work life , travel, outside food , no exercise .

I was busy.. Yes! But that could not be an excuse ! A few foodie family members , friends discouraged me “So diet hmm? You are not fat and old, do not worry so much.Take it easy! 

But, “Your health is your property .” – Dad always says.

I did not want to get high BP just because it was in my family history.  I did not want to be diabetic and did not want to stop loving certain food .  I thought of taking care of my health at an early stage of my life  –  “ Maybe , its just the right kind of investment.“- I thought!

I am also lucky to have a husband who thinks that being healthy is not a magic.  🙂

It isn’t !  It takes planning , execution of plans , reading , courage , determination and lots of self motivation! 

[ Always remember , to think different , to do something RIGHT, you have to walk alone during the journey, road won’t be crowded and very less people will cheer for you.

But, if you achieve what you felt RIGHT , you will inspire more people . The journey back will be happier and more crowded!  ]

Anyways ,after planning meals, writing them down was the most exciting part – adding proteins in daily meals , adding healthy fat , lots of anti-oxidants, nuts . I also started portion control. And , believe me- maintaining a healthy diet is not that complex . 

Once you start eating healthy , you’ll stop craving for things that are not good for your health. Your body will tell you what it likes and what it doesn’t .
Once you start feeling “healthy”  , you’ll know, life is about choices we make ! You can wake up at 8:30 AM and start for office.

Or, you can wake up at 6 AM , hit the gym , do some basic yoga ( like Pranayam and Sun Salutation) , make egg white omelette , brown bread toast, a cup of aromatic black ( or green) tea and still can reach office by 9 .

I am attaching a few pictures here so that your heart feels what it’ll miss if you start having nutrition pills! 😉

Remember – “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

cheese sandwiches


mango salad

Strawberry salad


veg pho

veg fried rice

pasta with snow peas

fussili with spinach, brocolli

biriani with kebabs


I have a baking story to share too, the joy of baking ,the fresh aroma of a cake from the oven- but, that I am saving for another day! 😉

It’s going to

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

28 thoughts on “Cook,Eat,Stay healthy!”

  1. I agree with you completely. I was vegetarian for two years and I wish I could change those two years. 🙂 But certain changes helped me a lot in life ; like more vegetables , exercise , lean meat only , no red meat etc. My work is pretty stressful , so somehow changes in diet are helping a lot. 😀

  2. we cook relatively healthily I think, but we would have a long way to go to be completely healthy, But then when i read about the things we should eat to be healthy i would sometimes rather not bother, not much of it sounds appealing to me.

  3. I am so glad Sangeeta that you liked them :)..Thanks for visiting and comment. 🙂 And yes, cheers to salads..:)

  4. Yes, I see that. A brilliant quality. Keep it up. Consume knowledge as much as you can.
    I’d like to believe WP does that on purpose especially with me 😉

  5. I read really FAST! If I like a book,the speed increases. Happened with “Steve Jobs” bio – I finished within a saturday! 🙂
    I missed that post. I don’t know why my WP reader don’t show GOOD posts! 😦

  6. That’s a real tragedy, I was thinking too. I should speed up my writing with your reading talent. 15 km is 3 days a week 5 km each time. Marathon again doesn’t work with my scheme of thing 😀
    That reminds me, did you read my Darwin post too?

  7. 😀 That’s great, Arjun. I ‘m secretly planning on a post for weekend about men who cook! 😀

    Brew a story!. I know how amazing you write. I finished reading almost all your posts! 🙂 & 15 kms – that’s like a mini marathon every week 🙂

  8. I cook one meal a day, walk 15 kms a week. That’s meditation for me or brew-a-story time. Workouts don’t go well in that scheme of things 😀

  9. Thank you , Arjun. 🙂
    I am slowly avoiding my blog post today; otherwise I will soon start thinking about pasta , & only pasta. 🙂
    Yes, I agree with every word you wrote. I can’t control stress caused by outside things, career etc..because that’s life. But I can tell you cooking & gym workouts work like therapy . & Good food are good too , specially when I know all ingredients , I can enjoy guilt-free eating 😀

  10. Ravishing and vivid dishes you’ve created, another reason to ponder, diet food can be equally exciting. Healthy eating, exercising is synonymous with positive thinking. A hyper life, flustered mind leads to binge eating and other vices. I’ve had my share of experiences with truth.
    Eventually with awakening inside, one loses lust for flavors, appetite vanishes, little is more.
    Beautiful post Archita!

  11. Very insightful and inspiring post Archita. Its everyone’s duty to take care of their health, neglected body never forgives.

  12. I am glad you liked it. 🙂
    And you’re so right about work and discipline.
    There are days when I feel like giving up exercise & healthy habits ; but then wake up and say “Just for another fish fry” ( I think you’ll understand the fish-fry-craving-bong-heart 😉 )
    Thank you for reading and the comment, Soma.

  13. Exactly Sandra. You just said what I wanted to express. It is so important. Also the joy of planning a meal, cooking , plating and eating – all add to our nutrition. 🙂 No pill can give us that 🙂 Thank you . 🙂

  14. Thanks for your post! Diet is too often linked to the desire to be thin, but it is so important to be reminded that paying attention to your diet is also important to remain (or become) healthy!

  15. If you have no scary family health history and no health issue , don’t stop loving things you love . :)But you can try portion control 😀
    You can start motivating yourself. 🙂
    Once in a while sweets are okay right..:) checking BMR, calory intake , maintaining weights etc are necessary in our stressful life nowadays. All the best 🙂

  16. Yummy Archita. No matter what i say, I always give in to temptation. Like last year, I was staying at Trident and Oberoi in Gurgaon for work, I indulged and told myself that post the hotel stay, I’ll stay far away from sweet stuffs. But, not really happening? Any tips….

  17. I am so glad to read your comment.
    Once we started eating HEALTHY, we realized the importance . Also, its been 4 years since we visited certain burger stores, fast food joints. I never felt happier and healthier.:)

    I love fresh eggs too. You are to lucky to have them in your backyards. I also love fish.:)

    When I feel tired and cant cook, we eat outside. Eating outside once motivates us to do more home cooking for months after that. 🙂 All outside food are really GROSS and tasteless:).
    Thank you for your encouraging comment and I just found another co-passenger in our journey 🙂

  18. Just last week my husband was “subjected” to cooking that was not mine. While my views on food have been called everything from radical to crazy to unrealistic my dear spouse learned how much he appreciates my over the top food antics. Food stories from his trip were laden with terms like tasteless and even GROSS because for many years now we have eaten mostly fresh and very seldom processed food and his journey into the way we used to eat left him far from pleased. Hell, I like fresh eggs so much I have a dozen chickens living in my backyard.
    I loved reading your post, because it made me feel a little less radical 🙂
    Also, your pictures left me a touch hungry.

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