Just Another Beautiful Life!



Sometimes we mask the good parts of our life and highlight the bad until that’s all we want to see! For some people , it’s different ; they happen to take the good and make them look bad.

Some days are just beautiful because we want them to be beautiful . I have realized that a few things happen because we want them to happen .

We feel happy if we want to be happy.We stay sad if we want to stay in that way! It’s just a little game of want and work – and mostly dependent on us !

Anyways, let us just live as if we all are part of some magic show-clueless about the  future, proficient about the present, achiever of knowledge from the past. That’s what wanderers do in their journey path.




Yesterday was a good day for me; good , because I chose to make it that way. After a long time (first in this year), we went to click sun set pictures and yes – a bit of a hike too!

To me,until a month ago, trails seemed like something endless ; scary as I was not that fit to walk much and see its end. But this time , I could walk a lot and could enjoy the beauty of nature just the way I always did before my knee injury. After a long time, I loved the endlessness of a few trails , cool breeze ( and even though I forgot to carry a jacket, still I could make it to my blog!) , changes of the color of water as per the sky color , and the silence of nature .

If you noticed ever, silence for some time actually generates many new words in your world; that’s why ,great poets chose to stay in silence and let their souls create ocean of words.



Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

19 thoughts on “Just Another Beautiful Life!”

  1. Great sunset shot! It is quite often as the saying goes “mind over matter”. I am as I think. Thanks for the like of my post “June 1 Surprise”.

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