Daily Prompt : Bittersweet : For the healthy Wanderers! ;)

Memory is a wonderful place to wander!

Like every girl with a normal memory, I too have a memory filled up with many stories. A few stories are like those beautiful dark chocolates – bitter in parts..sweet as soon as I go inside – ” bittersweet” in bits and pieces and extremely healthy!

They teach me like those mythological stories with moral lessons , they take me where I want to go again but feel lost, they give me company in case I need them on a busy day , they bring a broad smile anytime ,they make the present a past and the past a present if I want them to do that ever!

They are small and wrapped with beautiful covers – hidden ! Sometimes, when I try to know them close , I take the cursor on one of them – zoom and it appears as a big & beautiful fiction , unfolded there, just out of the cover,  for me to read once again !~

photo (8)



—————————————— ———::————————————————————

P.S – This is not a paid advertisement of Hershey’s Kisses . But these tiny chocolates are the best gifts when I am on diet! 😀

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Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Bittersweet : For the healthy Wanderers! ;)”

  1. He he. Thank you. 🙂 There are days when I get these absurd thoughts. Even though life is all about this moment , right now!.. Thank you for stopping by. Its wonderful whenever you visit. 🙂

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