I Love My Life..


How often have you heard someone saying that?  I met lot of people  ; everyone had something to say , something to share – positive , negative etc! But I never found anyone uttering these four words – “I love my life” , while accepting perfections ,imperfections and collisions between hopes and realities. 

I say that often, pretty often..
during challenges , sickness,
happy days, positively and negatively busy days..
“I love my life”..
and people who love me , love me for that;
people who don’t ,they just stare ( and judge maybe, but who cares!)..
I love being busy because that’s what I want myself to be..
And when life is busy, breaks are precious..
That’s why weekends are the best parts, maybe!
If weekdays were like weekends,
life would have been steadily busy or busily steady , without any change in between !!  😀

Anyways,my weekends are always reserved for Farmer’s Market – something I love a lot. I love fresh vegetables , fresh flowers and meeting health conscious foodies there! It’s also a place to find seasonal fruits and a few home-made international food here & there , live music and many truly ALIVE ( not robots! ) people !- in short – celebrating ” natural versatility ” in one place! 😀

And so, while I plan what to eat now and keep cheering for my-too- positive- happpy- heart , you enjoy this celebration of colors in every picture! 😀







Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

25 thoughts on “I Love My Life..”

  1. Same here. love looking at them.:) I never had the purple one. Not sure what to cook . But after reading your comment , I Have to try them this weekend. Thank you soo much for sharing it. 🙂

  2. I LOVE those cauliflowers! Though we bought one a while ago (a purple one) and it was really strange to eat, as it went bright blue when cooked!

  3. Farmer’s Markets are great places to visit. They really do get the imagination going, at least mine anyway. I imagine all kinds of dishes. I’m also all into that song, “if you are happy and you know it, clap your hands”. When I wake up each day, I am thrilled and excited at the opportunity to __. Thanks for stopping by and the like of my post “A Look Inside a Peony”.

  4. Its the small enjoyable things like visiting a farmers market on weekends that make life fun and make us enjoy and eventually love our lives. We need to make a point of doing things that make us happy and to go for those dreams and things we thought we would leave till later in life.

  5. 🙂 Who knows what is right..:) Until I don’t fall..of corse.:) Thank you for your words. 🙂 It inspires of corse!:)

  6. Awesome. As I read A lot like love and this comment, you hand picked the best of both worlds.
    By the way I’m a bit in shock. You’re quite young. I mean I didn’t expect you to be old but you’re way too composed and sorted out. Wow

  7. I never did when I was in India! My ma scolded enough for that!..:D and vegetable vendors in Kolkata , Hyd and Mumbai co-operated with my policy 😛 but in Blore I had hard time..always had to pay more ;)…but, it’s okay..I won still!..never visited those high end freezing stores for veggies, fish ever! I love cooking “fresh” things! 😉

  8. Thank you for the visit and reading. Yes, I wrote that post for myself too ; in case I ever forget to utter ..I am so so glad that it reminded you too. 🙂

  9. we have that weekend rite too, thank you for your good description:
    “…my weekends are always reserved for Farmer’s Market – something I love a lot. I love fresh vegetables , fresh flowers and meeting health conscious foodies there! It’s also a place to find … live music …”

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