On Creativity..Something Genuine!

I found a man copying a bit of my journey from my blog and using it in his Stanford’s creativity assignment and also a mail in my inbox from the same person – how much he wishes to read my poems. Hypocrisy!!! And I replied .

I know when my ideas are on the blog , they’re shared with the world. I don’t have kids but my blog is my first baby ( a girl  – emotional, deep and beautiful ! 😉 ).I know now why my parents were scared to send me far when I went to do Engineering- when you care for your child , you want to keep him/her with you, safe inside your boundary! Same with my write ups, my photographs that I shared with the world. I felt insecure , nervous about the thought that everyone will read my blog posts , judge them , use them. But, nothing is creative enough unless it’s judged & called “creative” by someone else. 😀

I attended creativity course , last year. Not to know how to write or click pictures. I wanted to add creativity in my day to day work , assignments , engineering , managements! – And that course helped a lot , increased my self confidence ( which is why I came back to blogging!) and inspired me to stay “creative”. It also made me popular in a small creative world. I still believe that you cant learn creativity, it has to come from your mind.

I know , there are many bloggers who steal stories, poems , copyrighted photographs. I am not sure what they are doing in the blogging world. The day you feel blank, don’t post! But don’t steal. And if you steal and post others’ stuffs – don’t call yourself creative or even a blogger! Simple it sounds!

DSC_1187There are days when I have writer’s block , I run out of time to think anything new. I do not write . In stead , I post photographs that I clicked and saved for my blog. Photography is a skill and a continuous learning. Your picture can talk many things that words don’t!

When you’re out of ideas , read something ! Read like a writer. Get Inspired. And go back to your table.

Creativity is something that you create. You can use tools . You can use powtoons , prezi , powerpoint, cell phone camera , MSpaint , a chalk and the floor , your pen and napkin ! You can ramble. You can write your opinions on something you know or you just came to know. It can be anything.

While I posted many things on the blog, I sincerely put my thoughts into each of them – from my own journey ! I traveled to places to click photographs ; my husband also gave me many of his clicks. And they’re are my property, my efforts , my creativity.

If you want to use anything from the blog, take written permission from me and give me the due credit. Nothing is creative if it’s not packed with honesty! And,I know extremely good lawyers!

Stay original..Stay creative! 

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

9 thoughts on “On Creativity..Something Genuine!”

  1. Archita, I have again nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I have been busy with my first draft on my novel which never seems to end! I will come back.

  2. yes, they need to be shamed. But, you know what they feign ignorance. I pity them. They steal out of ignorance and perhaps they were not properly educated:(

  3. Yes. You’re right. I mean why people want to write if they want to steal. Right?

    But , the other perspective is – they use your story because you are famous. So, have a good laugh and keep writing. And also, don’t forget to leave a reply where you find your write ups are being used.

  4. Archita, I understand how you. In plain words, they are thieves who do not have the balls to think and use their creativity. An advice to them: Like in workplace, do some self-briefing once in a week. It’s so irritating and unethical. It shows disregard and lack of self-respect. Blogging is our personal space and when somebody violates this space anger flows. During my career as reporter, I saw some websites using my stories and that of my colleagues. The most shocking part is the website removed my byline to nicely replace it with that of their guys.

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