Every Silver Lining does not have a cloud !

Days are filled with “hope” ..even the busiest days..the funniest days..the nostalgic days..Just that, hopes come in different colors, I am sure.They’ re not just silver!~

If you look back , past is filled with many good memories – the ones in which your hope was turned to reality.If you look at yourself today, you see positive energy waiting to celebrate the hope you saved for today.If you look at your future, you find promises that you hope to make successful . Have you seen a life without hope? Have you seen any living being without any hope ? For the record, I haven’t! I come from the City of Joy where hope is the other name of “life”!

“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.” – Emily Dickinson

On the darkest days, those hopes are the silver linings – They show us the light- the light to brighten up our days!

I see silver linings ,even when the cloud is clear and soft, day light is at its best. I know now that life is not only about bright day lights, puffy cotton ball shaped clouds..Life is also about dark rainy days..and nights!!!..And when you’re in the dark, you feel “full of hope” more than ever !..Silver linings are hidden behind every cloud – bright or dark..It’s just that on dark days, you have to remind yourself that every cloud has a silver lining – you have to defrost that saying!

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Sometimes , when you ‘re too right & tight, you forget to see many positive things happening around. You just have to loosen up little bit – accepting your faults , correcting them , you promote better-ness in life!

But , is there any silver lining without a cloud? Does it mean -something is wrong even when you find yourself the most optimistic? No! I don’t think so.  After 4 days of healthy diet and exercise , when I found myself 2 lbs less today, I saw silver linings ( and I am just one health conscious optimist!..Not overweight! Not obsessed with weight too!) .When my blog gets more hits , I feel happy about my thoughts – that’s the silver lining. When I look back and look at myself now – happily settled with the person I love for so many years – I see silver linings. When I see myself at peace with things that used to bother me earlier – I see silver linings.  The speed, the moving on process – they all teach us to find hope in things we have around us. Trust me, every amazing thing you achieve is a new silver lining ;they show you that you can do every single thing you want to do!





And so, here’s something I thought on this, a few weeks ago- a short poem and nameless it is !  😉

Knowns are unknowns too..
Its up to you..
How you’re going to see..
Frozen, awaken , anonymous – they can be..

Every silver lining doesn’t have a cloud..
Hope it’s called , it’s never so loud..
It’s just hidden, it’s just unknown..
On your bright days, it’s not just shown..

You’re too busy to live your life..
[Some days] You live just because you’re alive..
And that’s the process we all follow..
We go with the flow ,while feeling hollow..
Having broken heart , empty spaces,
Searching silently that love that truly embraces..

You know, that’s the silver lining you always knew..
Unknown hope that you once brew..
It’s hidden in your life, it’s not dead ..
You won’t need a cloud ;you just have to move ahead..

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The Afterword : Prompts for the promptless is one section I love in this big blog world. Check http://rarasaur.wordpress.com/2013/05/07/forthepromptless-ep12-silver-lining/  to know many beautiful minds. 🙂

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

15 thoughts on “Every Silver Lining does not have a cloud !”

  1. We share four alphabets ..yay..:) take care..will be back to your blog soon:) and see you soon too. Have a great day 🙂

  2. Thank you ,Rara for stopping by and your comment. Yes, staying positive helps me when I have no control over certain things in life, at least in the new decade of life I just entered. Thank you for inspiring writers with beautiful prompts 🙂 . Yes, I am Winnie the Pooh lover : D

  3. Beautiful, Archita!! 😀 I love the idea of looking for silver linings even when there isn’t a cloud in the sky. The concept itself reminded me of Pooh Bear, so I love that you ended with that picture of him. He’s the epitome of hope as daily practice! 😀

  4. You so right about every cloud has a silver lining. Guess, one should go with the flow, right?! and never lose faith. Have a gud day:)

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