Weekly Photo Challenge :Culture : The Never changing Moon

Too many incidents happen in this world just because we are too involved in ourselves , our city boundary, our habits, our culture , our country , our food, our religion – as if we are going to give up living just to prove “ours is the only way”. History shows that “ours is the only way” caused many incidents – not the good ones , of course..

I was reading about few recent events in my country, India on news websites. If you are into current affairs , you cannot escape from the reality. My friends were asking me to write a post on the recent incidents in the Capital of India ; and I did not. Part of the reasons were that I DO NOT know how to *change* something [for example :mindset, craziness of certain part of the society] just by a post… and like many people of the country I too want tougher laws against such crimes ,in our largely populated country.. Today, while writing about culture, I thought of touching this topic.

To the external world , India is a rich country – with many many years of rich history of civilization, culture that’s mysterious yet appealing. A country that gave birth to four major world religions and is a multi-ethnic, secular,democratic country ; It respects every religion equally.The country which speaks many languages but every language talks about peace. And to me , one plain Indian, this country is more than what Slumdog Millionaire showed to the world; because, for more than a decade I traveled to many cities of my country and captured the colors of rich versatility each city offers .  India also makes many best doctors and engineers for the world.We are a peace loving nation- developing in many sectors, rising quickly, shining like a star , having a very promising future. And still, time to time , things happen and shake us –Just like the incident in Delhi .

World is changing too quickly everyday. The ratio of poor to rich , illiterate to literate , city to village are changing too- That’s how development happens positively. When we belong to a culture that’s proud of its history and traditional values , we at times forget to see the change the world is bringing to us and we end up blaming “change” for every brutal mishaps . That happened in Delhi ( The capital of India) earlier too when a girl was brutally assaulted . Certain people blamed the “modern” lifestyle women are following ; many people talked about certain *glorious* traditional ways of living when women needed to be surrounded by strong men for protection ; when women stayed back home to do household activities and dressed up traditional! – That’s what culture does to us -at times ,it makes us myopic.

India is still the country with many career women , many women bureaucrats , 3 women chief ministers currently ruling the states , 1 former woman president , 1 former woman prime minister and many women CEOs . There might me many RIGHT things happening in the country to make all of those possible! But wrongs are wrong and have to be corrected sooner.

As a plain blogger & a normal career loving woman , I do not know what glory culture brings in life ; Culture is a pattern of living and a rich history to show how your own folks lived earlier. I know that’s a moment of pride to know history of your country & culture from old texts and being a maths lover, it makes me proud about the zero as a number invention. But I am proud of 1,2,3, 4 ,..,9.. too 😉 .. I am proud of Gandhi, Teresa, Tagore, Newton,Madame Curie,Archimedes, Bose – in single word, every achiever who achieved to do something for the world – when we talk about the world,narrow boundaries that culture makes are just broken! And when we talk about the universe, we just end up feeling like small particles !

World changes. We all have accepted that the earth is not flat and we also know that 50 years ahead , world will be more modern – maybe E-book will be seen on an e-spectacle  ; brain can be copied to an external chip maybe ( LOL!) – and we all have to make rooms to accept the change.

Whatever/Whoever we are today will be a glorious past one day – a few people will rejoice that “culture” . But , a few things will remain the same . From every country, from every decade – the Sun, the Moon , oceans , mountains – They’re were/are/will be the same ..always.. as lone spectators of the drama we human race play!

So, this picture of the mysterious Moon was clicked on one full moon night and it goes to the weekly photo challenge http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/04/26/photo-challenge-culture/.  One Full Moon – is part of every culture, civilization , history!

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge :Culture : The Never changing Moon”

  1. So many parameters are linked with all these, jobs , education, basic needs like food , shelter..etc ..since most of the bad activities have links with those causes. But I have seen extremely educated people without vision, good mindset too ..so somehow, I lost it..lost the idea to bring any change..:)

  2. India is changing at a rapid pace but we The Indians are still not able to cope up with this pace..We are just unable to Broaden our mindset,change our perspective and I really don’t know when we will be able to do this..A very insightful post indeed

  3. The pattern in Indian bloggers in my experience of last 7 months I found is quite disheartening and you’re an exceptional moderate and a thoughtful voice, I’m all ears! 🙂

  4. Thank you for reading and the comment, Arjun. Your blog is a celebration of our country- amazing photographs in one place.
    Now about this post,Wordpress is open for international audience. And with all recent and past problems in mind , if we look closely, the country is not doing that bad. Also, if I be too critical, my own country people would say “Oh! she does not stay here..That’s why!”..I would have called a spade a spade if I wrote this column for an Indian newspaper.But , you know watching news like “India is not safe for travel etc” from another country, it hurts!- specially I and many girl pals grew up in the country and could do things that we wanted to do! So, the country is not backward etc..but yes, there are issues…which country does not have!- and we are just 65 year old .And the issues are not solved – I know that too!..You are right about self constraint ..:) I did not want to touch a topic that hurts! 🙂 So, My opening paragraph was on “Ours is the only way”!..It does not solve anything..in this versatile world, there are many ways to live and pattern of living should be a “choice “-that’s “progress”..:):)

  5. In a quick changing nation, you’ve held your own. I admire your self-constraint though It must pain your heart to touch on issues that hurts.
    Moreover, I’m itching to write you a page long comment. You’ve reflected on spectrum of topics and personal views but we’ll take it as it comes.
    Warm Regards

  6. Yes, you are right. I also felt bad seeing people asking around if India is so backward , how women work there etc..while , we studied , worked in different cities and are made independent individuals. I thought of clearing a few doubts about India in outside countries..n while not supporting a few bad comments made by a few people in India..wrong things should be corrected sooner..and I am sure there are many right things too in India which made many successful .Accepting changes is part of living :).. Thank you so much for beautiful comments 🙂

  7. Nice post Rachna. Mainly what people think as their culture is their traditions. Culture has a vast meaning to it. If a culture cannot teach, love, compassion and compatibility, it is incomplete. People think whatever is different is our enemy. Beautifully written, honest post.

  8. So true, Vishal. I too came across such people. To know a country, I am sure , one has to stay there for years and feel its warmth. Same with me as I travel . I also should not judge another country within months. 🙂 Thank you for your comment, btw 🙂

  9. brilliant on post and insightful. I am happy you came with this one and a self-critique paves way for a better society. However, I have also observed that many people outside in India have a myopic view and also prejudice against the country. I have seen it in Mauritius where people who visited India for a week or so start giving a biased view point about India.

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