Remake ..

Every now and then , millions of ideas are born in the minds, we ‘re converting those ideas into few worldly objects, devices , medicines and making new ways to celebrate [wo]man-hood!.. In one past session I attended about “Creativity” , they said that most new ideas are generated by connecting old ones ,it’s a game of connecting and combining.[ And in that way, whatever we see is a  “re-make” of something with numerous additions and subtractions! ] It’s good because it makes a few things immortal..right!?

I saw Rara’s new prompt about “Remake” and tried thinking in a hurry –What I want to “remake ” if at all I have been given POWER!.. In less than 5 minutes , they’re on the blog ..[Point -wise, so that they don’t get lost in my words… They’re not in any order & the numbering is just random …just like my ideas..Go ahead..Read them and celebrate “remake”s 🙂 ]


  1.  Phone -A new version of the same phone in every 6 months – NO..!!!! I want them to come in every 5 years so that the 4S version of my lovely phone does not feel small in front of version 5 ones which came just within a year!
  2. Music – All my favorite songs with less instrumental and rapping . I want only the voice of the main singer to shine and lyrics to rule the souls!
  3. Offices are “remade” with more female employees so that women understand each other a bit more and offer good salary hikes to its own fraternity. 😉
  4. A working Saturday so that Wednesday gifts us a holiday and Monday doesn’t look like a “Cry-Day”
  5. More and more cooking shows with male master chefs to inspire the husbands to cook world famous foods in own kitchens.
  6. A scientific discovery to prove chocolates are the healthiest food in the world.
  7. A world without hunger- Food For everyone in our world.
  8.  A world full with job opportunities so that every single individual gets financial independence.
  9. A globe without boundaries and with only green and white and blue colors ( showing Land, Mountains and Oceans and signifying our similarity. )
  10. School and Basic Education for everyone so that every child ends up loving books [just like I do]..

Will these “remake”s be possible ever? Lets hope for the best! ~ As of now, I am day-dreaming while jotting them down!!!! :)..You are welcome to add more in the list..:)

<Some points in the list are from serious thoughts ..Rest are pure fun…But all are just ideas!>

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Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

6 thoughts on “Remake ..”

  1. 😀 I love it! I also like the self-imposed 5 minute timer… it makes the post both whimsical and intense. 🙂 Great choices for remakes! 🙂

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