Dear Me ,”Tenho saudades tuas “

Saudade , Ever since I read the word  the falling in love part happened sooner. But I was skeptical about the  thing –writing a whole post on that deep word ,as I read in an article last week – “When your life has more memories than ambition, consider yourself old. When all you have to talk about is how you did this in the past or how you did that in the past, how you were amazing a decade ago or how you were so incredible back then. When you no longer live your present or look up to your future, when all you do is reknit the same stories in the present using yarn of the past, you are old. An unfailing sign of the one who feels old within is they mostly talk about their past.” – I AM NOT OLD – was something my head thought and decided not to think about any glories that “Past” offered me – in short, no nostalgia anymore..till today..

Today I am going to share my saudade with the world and I know everyone goes through this… It’s about The Me Saudade –  nostalgia over my own image that’s hiding somewhere in the past and I don’t find her anywhere nowadays, not even in my shadow and very often try to find it, try to restore it..!

IMG_5615The first thing that I miss about myself is the carefree attitude that I once had .The you-can -talk-things-without-thinking days of mine; when there was no fear of getting judged , no boss over head to monitor the actions , no email etiquette , no over sensitive “I can be hurt by your success” type of friends. I miss the purity in my thoughts and actions. Rules break us and make us robotic human beings. I know , I know, I can never be that ME again.. Le sigh!

Next, I miss myself in reading room, lost in the world of books. I used to be a quiz champion in school ( and becoming a quiz show host (ess) was one of my many other dreams) and information used to be limited within the book covers and on the pages of the freshly printed newspapers, those days..those days when internet did not make knowledge easy and randomly accessible. Not that it’s bad..It’s good and progressive..Just that I don’t find myself in reading rooms anymore..;) nowadays all I do is multitasking -searching knowledge not in the brain but on either Safari or Chrome..!

The third and last part of my saudade about myself is one important thing- something I lost over time and miss a lot every now and then – that’s me with an awesome metabolism..;)..Yes, you read it right!..I think until a few years ago , it existed in my life ( not in nostalgia..but in LIFE ) and I don’t how slowly or quickly it vanished. :D….I never gained an extra pound after eating cakes with fatty frosts, sugary -syrapy indian sweets , salty crunchy fried trans fats ,cheezy pizzas, spicy red meat curries , sugary-carbonated- aerated- caffeinated cold drinks..I don’t eat/drink some of them anymore…and how I miss those days when I could eat anything and stayed the same even without hitting the gym or doing any cardio.!...In the process of change , we won’t be same forever..! And I am happy as long as I ‘m better :D..

That’s healthy cake I make nowadays !!! ;);)

The Afterword :There are other things too in a girl’s life to invite nostalgia over and over..the best friends in school and colleges ( who don’t exist in life anymore & we just love them in our memories;) ); the old roads; the small restaurants with world’s best food, family, family time, festival times with cousins , uncles , aunts, grandparents ;first job; first salary ;old clothes,books,pens, hair clips with memories attached…

I am sure, family is always there for all of matter how much the distance is ..sometimes (And I am just their little girl whenever I am with them)!..I am also sure that old clothes/friends go just to make space for the new and better ones…the ones promise me to make newer and better memories..I am such a boring optimist nowadays..;)

Thank you Rara for the prompt..

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

11 thoughts on “Dear Me ,”Tenho saudades tuas “”

  1. Thank you Rara for the visit , reading, comments and before all of those, Thank you for the prompt. :)…And you’re right..Maybe that’s one of the reasons to miss childhood at times..:)

  2. I totally understand the saudade for the time in your life when you say anything. It seems like every year we live we develop more and more rules on things we shouldn’t say. It’s with good reason, but it’s always a bit stifling when you look back! Beautiful take on the challenge. 🙂

  3. Thank you for your visit. Yes, I just thought of expressing a few not so deep experiences from my bag of Saudade..

  4. I know’s a brilliant post and I think you right when u say. nostalgia look good in memories only and let it remain as such:)

  5. Hehe..Okay..Romance might have its own rules too..:) I was talking about those same work at same time with same people everyday kinda jobs..:)..Nostalgia to me is just good memories..and they look good only in memories..:) Life is a journey..“Charaiveti Charaiveti’’ :)..btw, the article i mentioned in the blog’s 1st para is a great one..:)

  6. Rules break us and make us romantic human beings. Spot on! U said what lies inside me. But, I feel we should never feel old and be forever young within. I so love this post when you speak of those days and Im like..fuck why those days can’t be back. But, I hold it against u for bringing the nostalgia that hurts.Cheerz:)

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