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It was just another cold day in 2012 ..and I was shivering ..with fear, disbelief, self-doubt final work at a Stanford training program stood there in the third top position among many different and versatile Thought-to-PowerPoint-and-Prezi presentations. “Is it really happening? Maybe something went terribly wrong!!” – was all that I could think of myself..until I checked my personal inbox and found so many real messages describing how they (my peers) liked my idea , the simplicity in my work , the creative approach I took to present my idea in one easily digestible way . I never thought of any of those when I made my presentation, but when I read them all, I could see those words in my work. I also could visualize another word my peers used – SUCCESS, as they said : “Celebrate.It’s your success“.

All of us want to be “successful ” in life without knowing how to find that word in our accomplishments. It’s true . I never read any self-help book , but after that little “self-doubt” incident, I thought of trying few books on that subject. Among many of them, which really made sense to me was a line by Einstein : “If A is a success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut” [Quite sure that Einstein would have thought differently in the age of internet .] So , time to time even though I thought of dancing in joy about that success , I actually kept my mouth shut and worked on other goals – starting writing once again is just one of those many goals in my versatile life.

What do successful people do after they smell success?” – “They stop working ..and thinking..and go to Hawaii and never plan to return from there“- was my friend’s answer to my honest query! 😉 And even though I continue thinking on “What should I do after a big success?” -the next dream happens to knock sooner than I can imagine;, it says : “After you’re successful  you’ll stop working 40 hours every week..You ‘ll newspaper on dead sea, write a poem in Alaska a successful globetrotter ,a successful writer , a successful photographer, a successful….“..And So see, the wish-list for success never ends!

I realized that “doing it all” is just one of the many approaches I follow religiously, but “having it all” is the one I still search in my work. Is success still a goal? No, not anymore for lot of us. It’s just celebrating results and working on other projects [ or goals]. I am sure that my post will find many people who are like me, fighting everyday to chase success without realizing that success is hidden in our day to day life : in all tick marks on the “To-Do” list , in our efforts to meet failures, in making us ready to face deadlines , in typing few words on the blog page, in every picture we clicked in our last road trip , [and at times] in waking up every morning to face another beautiful day!

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

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