Growing Up! ;)

I had to call back home as soon I saw my recent call list on phone..

Ma: Where were you today? I called at least 10 times..

Me : ( Giggling ) Guess what! I finally bought a brick red colored jeans and two pairs of shoes..Such a good week it is!!..
Ma : Sigh! ( Yup,I heard that!) Never found someone so happy after birthday shopping. When are you finally going to grow up? ( With lots of affection, care in the voice..That’s what Moms are for..To remind us right things at right time!)
Me : I have no time left to grow up , Ma! I tried once..The whole process is boring and too difficult! 
Ma : Oh! Every poet is boring..and even those who love mathematics a bit too much..Don’t give me that excuse!

LOL!..So, that was just a small mom-daughter conversation this week..
& it left me pondering on “what growing up is!”
To some of us, it means growing size , population, money ,..and God-knows-what-else!..Our life is limited within numbers – number of bank accounts , number of children, number on clothes size ..And yes, that’s really “growing up” ..and accepting those changes..struggling hard to establish “Me” in this competitive world which just goes on..and we have to go with the flow..else “Full stop”.

To many of us, it means widening knowledge , meeting different kind of people, eating all cuisines ( & thinking ” I know those recipes too, so I am world’s best chef” ! 😛 ) , widening the boundary , knowing other cultures, learning many languages, using that knowledge at everything we do, doing something to *bring change* in society, having a good graph of experience vs number of years lived!..I don’t know if that’s also called “Going with the flow” because the struggle here is with inner-self  to move with this never-stopping world. Widening is “growing” too..;)

And some of us just count the blessings of “growing up” by the number of gray hairs on head!.. 😉

Perspectives are different in this versatile world.. Time is limited ..and you know that there is no life after this life…So, which one is your pick? 🙂 

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

8 thoughts on “Growing Up! ;)”

  1. entirely my good fortune Archita. Who is Archita btw? Will be nice to see a blog post on the author, her life in Mumbai, likes and dislikes and..

  2. spot on! You just said it. You such a wonderful blogger and write so well and effortless style:)

  3. To make others happy – Hmm, they(Parents) live only to see us happy..
    Alter our own individuality- Never..Fun is always there when we stand out!..:)
    But growing up is not always about number of years or “going with the flow”..

  4. Spot on Archita! Sweet conversation. Why should we grow up? To make others happy and at the alter of our own individuality. Let’s be ourselves even if that means not growing at all:)

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