Who says life’s not simple!


We all live in bits and pieces..
Broken at one place,
Lost somewhere else..
And they say that’s everyone’s story..

But one moment of love ,
A large chunk of memory,
Two chuckles and three sighs
work like a miracle on a few days..
And we end the day, thinking..
“Oh Boy! Who says life’s not simple!”

An Afterword : Today ,I was happily shopping for my birthday when I got a call from my best friend of many years ;After years of best-friendship which includes sharing fun , sadness and all other emotions, we moved on in life,lived in different cities , continents..Now, we live in the same city but hardly meet ( Thanks to our respective busy lives) ..She wanted to see me as I was not doing well for a month now..And with that call, memories of our shopping in the city of Mumbai started appearing ..I was lost in our happy memories just for too many hours..until she came with her family and had dinner with us..! Sometimes, I really wish nothing & no one changes in this journey of life..Memory and Life just make friendship with each other and take the same path every single day….

© Archita 

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

6 thoughts on “Who says life’s not simple!”

  1. agree with you..was in amchi Mumbai two years back..it has changed a lot…love Marine Drive..it was ma place. btw u shd check out Barista at Shivaji Nagar at Dadar and the one near Gateway, take the road from Hanuman Mandir..love d place::)

  2. I just started following your blog. I loved many of your clicks- They are beautiful. Keep up the good work. Thank you for visiting my post. I agree with your thought about life. Yes, so true.

  3. Life is full of change. The change that we experience gets multiplied or minimized based on our reactions to it and acceptance of it. Thanks for visiting and the like of my Weekly Photo Challenge post representing Change.

  4. life is really not simple. I still miss my wonderful days in amchi mumbai and it’s so sad that life throws us in different direction. Excellent post..the picture, poem and ur note:)

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