So, isn’t it hard to say good bye to the ones you once loved..
Old clothes , old expectations, old memories?…
Nothing stays forever..
We all have to go..
And have to make space for everything that’s waiting to fill the void ..

Life never stops for anyone..
Neither me nor you
Can have the control..
We are just the actors of this stage show..
With a well written script..
As for me , I don’t know..
How to hold on to things
That never matter anymore..
Clothes that I don’t fit into..
Expectations that never came true ..
Memories that just remain in the past..
As if I can be myself..
Only when I let them go..

But, then is life only like this …
Just moving ahead…
And throwing once useful things
Out of us ,our hearts ,our homes..
Just because they don’t mean anymore?..

© Archita 

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

4 thoughts on “Space….”

  1. when we lose things, the feeling stays for a long time, That’s why we refuse to let go. It is a sad state.

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