To Let Go…

Some evenings are like that..
Different , strange and yet beautiful..
With their own charm..
Even though moonless dark sky
Covers up all stars ..
Still, brightness happens to be there..
You name it hope , you see it with your
Dreamy eyes..
You feel it with your heart that have
Some space now..
Space that you created after letting few things go..
Things which you found while cleaning up clutters..

Some days are like that..
Dark, subtle and yet much clear..
Sitting close to yourself , you feel it..
And you plan to make room for some new things..
You name it life, as if you were missing to
See it..
As if it was not right here for you..As if you were living
Someone else’es life..
And were calling it yours..

© Archita 

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

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