So, what does Love mean to you..
Among many of its meanings..
Which one do you find around you..
Scattered, lost,hidden , stored,frozen,or..
Maybe still to be explored ..
Or Maybe you are sunk in it..
In the muddy, earthy, natural world ..
Hugging your heart, love stays..
Every hour, every day..
Year after years..

Some love you with everything..
Some pretend..
Some hurt you and then love you..
Some love you until death..
Some love you, feeling your wounds..
Some love you more after each day ..
Some love your happy face..
Some love you and never change..
Some love you and then vanish in the big world..

There are days when love ..
Enters through the wounds..
There are days when you feel..
Love everywhere, as long as your eyes can see..
Far, till nothing is blurred..
But sometimes, that’s what you want..
A blurred vision not to judge the love..
Or you want the world to go blind..
And love you for who you are..
Not for who they want you to be..

They say, love follows no rules..
No conditions..
No judgments..
No rights, no wrongs..
It doesn’t test you, You don’t test it..
It’s like a ocean..
You don’t want to know when it started..
Where it’s going to end..
You just jump into it..
Feel happy, swim , try to..
Find where the horizon hugs..
The ocean, care free, fear free..    And you carry on..
hugging it , and it hugs you back..
You know you can’t hold it..
You know it’s free..
It doesn’t know how to follow your way..
Or his way..
Or her way..
It is what it is..
It does what it does..
And they say,that’s love..

Can love be caged? Can they 
Pose like they care?and put you
In their own world, expect you to 
Learn love, return love , create love..
Or maybe just pretend that you’re loved? and
That’s not how it should be..
Or how it was supposed to be ..
We human beings make too many rules..
But, wait there, Hope said ,love will break those rules
Or any cage that tries to hold it..

The mystery behind love stays there..
Holding all secrets , and running faster..
More you chase, more time flies..
And closer the mystery seems..
In the journey, you see..
Love is around you..
So, until you’are in love..
And unless you give up ..
You know you will grab the secrets one day..

Ray of hope is something you want..
A little bit of engagements..
A few co -passengers running too..
And your relaxed soul tells you..
In the process of knowing..
Or un-knowing..
You gain..
You have nothing to lose..
Nothing to worry about..
And You carry on..
Having hope with you..
Being loved ..
Loving back..
Or just by loving..
Or just hoping for love..
You carry on..

© Archita

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

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