It’s the noise that fills your world..
On a bright sunny day..
Or when the world sleeps ..
It’s the noise that sometimes stays just for you.
The noise of the silence ..

You felt it ..
You smelled it..
Walking with the crowd..
On this busy road ..
You heard it..

Sometimes you don’t want to hear it..
Sometimes silence is everything you want..
Life is that unpredictable..
You don’t know what you want..
But You know what he wants..
Or what she wants..

You have felt silence has many languages..
Sometimes, they don’t mean anything..
Sometimes,they mean everything ..
It’s your ear’s decision..
They know what they want to hear..
Looking at the sunny snow filled day..
When your eyes fall in love again..
Your ears hear the noise of silence..
From somewhere , you will never find ..

When it rains..
Your soul pours too..
You stand right there..
Stretching your hand..
Trying to hug the big sky..
Hearing the silence..
One of it’s many languages that you understand..
Cleanse yourself right there..
No one but you have to do it for yourself..

Silence told you ..
That it comes to you when..
You understand yourself..
When no other noise troubles you..
When world stands there for you..
Waiting for your signal..
It comes to you when you find solace..
Within you..
In everything around you..
In everyone who matters to you..
It says that you communicate..
What you want to do..
And what you don’t want..
At least with yourself..

So, you go to sleep tonight..
Hearing the music of silence..
The next day may be a different one..
You may be near a busy station..
Halting, waiting, walking ..
You may not know what you’re up to..
You may search where you came from..
Where you’re going to..
Remember, when everything stops..
When nothing returns to you..
Nothing goes from you..
When you start loving yourself once again..
without hesitation, without expectation..
When cloud returns , stars come up..
You can hear the noise around you once again..

That noise of silence……

© Archita 

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

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