Unfolded Mysteries..

“The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.”


How about a life in which you never go out of your boundaries, you don’t try to know any unknowns , you exactly have same set of friends forever,you do never need any phone, internet connection, newspapers,television , radio! I am sure about that, I have observed many people living that kind of life . But, sadly or gladly , my life is the other kind!


When we meet someone for the first time , the impression about that person changes after multiples meetings. From good to too good , bad to the worst, strong to weak ; the interpretation takes place from multiple observations ! I find this thing very mysterious. In life, many times , I was inspired by many strong women ; but later I felt it was not them who inspired me ,but my own perception of their stories was the motivating factor there. Those strong women didn’t not seem that great when I met them ; couple of face to face meeting experiences were very different from what I perceived.

Same thing happens when we go to some place for the first time ; roads , people , neighborhood shopping centers – all stand there mysteriously – & look at them after several years ; try to feel how you felt looking at them for the first time – both are different . It happens with multiple visits to any tourist location as well ; First time , we feel different kind of joy in finding something new, fear of getting lost in that unknown place; the urge to find something that nobody ever found. Once you visit that place , the mystery of the unknown vanishes. During the second visit, you feel like the one who stayed there for years.
I stayed in many places , and after couple of years when I left that place I always felt a close connection with them . I remember each corners of those cities,roads , the best restaurants , best theaters,each aisle of my favorite shopping joints along with the very first memories when those cities were unknown to me . When we are travelers , we know that we are unfolding the mystery of another new place while *getting used to* with the discovery.

P.S – Once I was talking on this topic , and this thought came to my mind that how illiterate people back in my country rediscover themselves after solving the mystery of unknown alphabets. Reading actually opens a newer world everyday.
Happy Weekend, people. Monday, I will be back with a book review.

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

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